A Career in the Heart of Mexican Culture: Mexico City

Welcome to Mexico City: A Unique Career and Cultural Experience Have you ever thought about embarking on a completely new life? In this edition, we explore the unique and fulfilling experience of working at our Mexico City office, where highly rewarding career opportunities meet the enchanting charm of this authentic capital. We’ll provide you with […]

Peak Performance: Exploring Zurich’s Finance and Scenery for High-Net-Worth Professionals

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our series exploring life in our global offices! Today, we journey to Zurich, Switzerland, a city renowned for its picturesque scenery, exceptional work-life balance, and high net-worth clients. Our Zurich office, led by consultant Luke Handley, provides a unique blend of culturally diverse experiences, stunning views, and competitive yet […]

Sky-high Success in Shanghai: Exploring China’s City of Opportunity

Welcome to the third instalment of our series exploring life in our global offices! In this edition, we journey to the dynamic city of Shanghai, a bustling metropolis renowned for its impressive skyline, rich cultural heritage, and strong work ethic. Our rapidly growing Shanghai office is perfectly situated to offer ambitious professionals a unique blend […]

Discover the Dolce Vita: Working at Our Milan Office in Italy’s Financial Hub

Milan Lombardy Region

Welcome to Milan, Italy’s bustling financial centre and one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. Known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and fashionable flair, Milan offers a unique and fulfilling experience for those working in the financial services sector. Our Milan office, located in the heart of this captivating metropolis, provides the perfect environment for […]

Is now a good time to invest in clean energy?

Rishi Sunak has pledged to make the UK a green energy superpower. The Prime Minister set out his ambitious plans in advance of his attendance at Egypt’s COP27 last month. He redoubled his commitment to accelerating Britain’s energy transition, telling the climate delegation that “We need to move further and faster to transition to renewable […]

How To Start A Career In Finance

Career in Finance

Introduction In life, there are three big decisions you must make: If you subscribe to this belief, choosing your career is one of the most consequential choices you will ever make. The financial industry is an obvious choice for individuals with a flair for numbers or those who love the world of personal finance and […]

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