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Discover the Dolce Vita: Working at Our Milan Office in Italy’s Financial Hub

Welcome to Milan, Italy's bustling financial centre and one of Europe's most vibrant cities.

Known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and fashionable flair, Milan offers a unique and fulfilling experience for those working in the financial services sector.
Our Milan office, located in the heart of this captivating metropolis, provides the perfect environment for professionals seeking the right balance between career growth and the enjoyment of Italy’s famed “dolce vita” lifestyle.
In this page, we’ll explore the many advantages of working in our Milan office, and share insights from Tommy, one of our valued advisors based in Italy. Join us as we delve into the enriching professional opportunities and work-life balance our Milan office has to offer.

The Milan Experience

Striking the Perfect Work-Life Balance

At our Milan office, we truly embrace the Italian way of life. Our team here shares a familial bond, and we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Tommy, an advisor in our Milan office, shares his thoughts on the unique working environment in Milan.
Tommy says, “We share a familial bond here in Milan. While we may be competitive in some respects, at the end of the day, we spend quality time together inside and out of the office, whether it’s enjoying a beautiful summer day by the lake or having a fun night out during the winter months”.
In Milan, our employees have the opportunity to indulge in a wide array of activities, from skiing and snowboarding in the winter months to taking refreshing dips in nearby lakes during the summer. The city’s vibrant cultural scene also offers endless options for entertainment, with museums, exhibitions, bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants to suit every taste.

Tommy shares his top three favourite places to visit and spend time in Milan:

  1. Varenna – a beautiful and historic town on the eastern shore of Lake Como, known for its stunning scenery, charming streets, and rich culture.
  2. Sempione Park – a beautiful green space in the heart of Milan, perfect for leisurely strolls, drinks, or visiting famous landmarks like Sforza Castle or the Arco della Pace.
  3. Monza – a must-visit for racing enthusiasts and history buffs, home to the Italian Grand Prix and a rich heritage dating back to 1922.
Tommy also notes that Milan offers a high quality of life, expansive travel opportunities, and an unrivalled food and wine scene. While the city may have its quirks, such as a more relaxed approach to queuing, Tommy emphasises that Milan is an incredible place to live and work, offering a wealth of experiences that are truly unique to the city.
With a strong focus on work-life balance, our Milan office allows employees to not only develop their careers but also to embrace the Italian lifestyle and make lasting memories. As Tommy puts it, “I have worked at deVere for just over 5 years now, I was a BDA for one year, in CSV for 4 and have just stepped up into a full consultant role. As long as it’s communicated with your manager, you are free to travel to meet prospects and clients. Being in the Milan office, the country manager Colin is always looking for ways to expand the team, so growth is inevitable”.

Embracing the Dolce Vita – Work-Life Balance in Milan

In Milan, our employees find that striking the perfect work-life balance is not only possible but also an essential part of the experience. Tommy provides valuable insights into how our team members in Milan maintain a healthy balance while enjoying the famous “dolce vita” lifestyle that Italy has to offer.
Tommy highlights the importance of making the most of your time outside the office, saying, “In the UK, we have a trend whereby we go to work, go home and watch Netflix. In Italy, on the way to work, you have a €1 Coffee, at lunch, you venture out for good cuisine, and in the evening you enjoy an aperitif. €10 cocktail and unlimited buffet”.
Beyond food and drink, Milan offers a wealth of leisure activities for our team members to enjoy. From exploring the city’s fashion and design districts to attending cultural events, there is always something to do in Milan. The city is also home to numerous sports centres, catering to a wide range of interests. As Tommy notes, “If you play sports, the city has lots of sports centres which include everything you need for your sport choice. In the office, we currently have a football team running and play often”.
Taking part in activities both in and outside the workplace allows our employees to foster a strong sense of camaraderie and team spirit. Tommy explains, “There are loads of ex-pat events all the time, we also have a lot of Irish bars that you can attend to meet new people. Italians like to learn new cultures, so if there is a large event on like St Patrick’s Day, as an example, the Italian will be up Irish dancing.”
By embracing the dolce vita and making the most of the countless opportunities Milan has to offer, our employees can truly experience the best of both worlds – a rewarding career and a fulfilling personal life in one of the world’s most captivating cities.

Taking advantage of Milan's thriving culinary scene is an essential part of embracing the Italian way of life. Our employees can indulge in the country's world-renowned cuisine, with countless restaurants, bars, and cafes to explore.

Gateway to Adventure – Travel Opportunities from Milan

Milan’s prime location makes it an ideal base for weekend getaways and European travels. With excellent transport links and close proximity to a variety of stunning destinations, our employees can easily satisfy their wanderlust and create unforgettable memories.
Tommy emphasises the ease of travel from Milan, saying, “Travel opportunities are expansive; Milan’s central location in Europe makes it an ideal base for travel to other destinations. With easy access to countries such as France, Switzerland, Austria, and Croatia. There are also three airports, and it is a major hub for rail travel”.
Among Tommy’s favourite nearby destinations are the picturesque Lake Como, the romantic city of Venice, and the breath-taking Italian Alps. Lake Como, in particular, holds a special place in Tommy’s heart, with the beautiful town of Varenna being a frequent spot for the team to rent boats and explore the famous town of Bellagio. These stunning locations offer our employees the chance to unwind and recharge, surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery Europe has to offer.
Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding in the winter, taking a refreshing dip in nearby lakes during the summer, or simply exploring Italy’s rich cultural heritage, Milan offers countless travel opportunities for our employees. This, coupled with the vibrant and fulfilling work environment at our Milan office, makes for a truly unique experience for those looking to grow their careers while enjoying the best that Europe has to offer.

The Perfect Blend – Joining Our Milan Office

So, as we’ve shown, working at our Milan office presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant Italian culture while being part of a leading global financial services company. As a member of our team, you’ll be able to combine the excitement of working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment with the pleasure of embracing Italy’s famous “dolce vita” lifestyle.
The friendly and welcoming nature of our Italian team is one of the key benefits of joining our Milan office. In Milan, colleagues forge strong bonds both inside and outside the workplace, enjoying quality time together in various settings, from scenic lakeside days to fun-filled winter nights.
This close-knit atmosphere creates a supportive work environment, where new colleagues are quickly made to feel at home and part of the team.
Career growth is also an important aspect of working in Milan. Tommy himself has experienced significant progression within the company, moving from a Business Development Assistant to a full consultant role over the course of five years. Our Milan office is always looking for ways to expand the team and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.
If you’re considering a career in financial services and are excited by the prospect of working in a city that offers the perfect blend of work and “la dolce vita,” we encourage you to explore job opportunities in our Milan office. You’ll not only be joining a talented and growth-oriented team, but you’ll also have the chance to create a truly fulfilling and unique life experience in the heart of Italy.

Looking for the perfect blend of work and Italian lifestyle? Explore our Milan-based career opportunities and start your journey with us now.

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