Trainee Development Programme

Trainee Development Programme

The world of finance is a rapidly changing place, and the way in which we operate as a company is changing with it. The Trainee Development Program is your pathway into one of the world’s most dynamic and rewarding industries. deVere Group CEO Nigel Green, believes that training is the foundation of what we do and has developed a culture of continued career support, driving our employees career aspirations.
Over the last 20 years, the Trainee Development Program has provided a steady stream of fresh, hungry talent to all parts of our business including wealth management, business development and marketing. Many of the industry’s most successful individuals are products of deVere’s Trainee Development Program.

Our approach to development

The course is designed to give the right applicants the necessary tools and support to start their career in international wealth management & fintech. However, as with most things in life, the onus is on the individual to seize the opportunity.
The Trainee Development Program is designed to provide the right individual with an introduction into the business. As the industry changes and becomes increasingly tech driven, the skillsets we require change with it. We therefore, increasingly seek those with an interest in or an appetite to learn about tech driven financial solutions.

Finding the right place for you

The Trainee Development Program is designed to show us the area of the business in which you are most likely to succeed and add value. Whilst you learn about the business, we will learn about you.

Your future is more important than your past

Whilst we do not discount the value of a solid education and past career experience, we search first and foremost for the right attitude and a burning desire to succeed. We care far more about your potential than your background. We will provide you with the tools, it’s up to you how you use them.

About deVere Group

Founded in 2002, and now comprising 97 different legal entities globally, deVere provides a broad range of financial services across wealth management advice, investment banking and fintech apps to name a few. deVere Group now has over $10 billion under management with over 80,000 active clients in more than 100 countries. With 500 consultants and 70 offices across the globe, our clients receive indispensable financial advice wherever they are in the world.
deVere lead the market internationally, offering clients personal financial advice and innovative digital solutions. We span across both corporations and individuals, providing the freedom, flexibility and convenience to access and use their money whilst securing their major financial objectives. As one of the world’s leading financial advisory organisations, deVere Group prides itself on providing high-class, professional advice to expatriate clients and investors all over the world.

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