An obligation to act

We are aware that with our size and capabilities comes an obligation to act responsibly.

To this end, we continually aim to protect the environment, support social progress, ensure diversity and equality, and make ethically-driven, well-governed decisions.

This is shown, amongst other ways, by our commitment to fintech, which is speeding up the advance of financial inclusion. Fintech provides access to financial services for those who live in remote or poor areas, and for those who might normally not be able to use financial services because of the biases of traditional financial firms.

For example, it allows money transfers to support families in international destinations who depend upon income from elsewhere. 

deVere is an equal opportunities employer and as such, our employment policy recognises the diversity of communities within which we work.

Committed to Green

In addition, by being paperless, there’s considerably less waste, less deforestation, and a lower carbon footprint.

We know that acting responsibly, contributing positively to environmental, social and governance targets, and by helping individuals and companies successfully manage, save and invest their money, we’ll have a better society for all.

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