Investment Management

Best Way to Invest Money

As regards investment, there is no ‘best way’ to invest money. The appropriateness of an investment depends entirely on your personal needs and requirements.
For example, younger investors may require a portfolio with exposure to stocks, cryptocurrencies, and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). On the other hand, investors approaching retirement often require a more cautious approach which involves fixed interest instruments.
Choosing where to invest is a highly individual decision, which means that, as a potential investor, you need tailor-made, bespoke guidance, and assistance. No one person requires the same advice.
At deVere, we conduct x-ray analyses on all our new clients to ensure that decisions are only taken once a thorough understanding of a client’s current position and their longer-term aspirations are established.
There are, however, specific rules all investors should follow:
  • Seek advice from qualified, regulated advisors, investment companies or financial services providers 
  • Ensure portfolios are adequately diversified  
  • Always conduct your own research before making a decision 

How to Start Investing Money

Think of this common scenario – you have accumulated a sizeable amount of cash and you would like to start growing it. There are various ways you could invest your money. However, you may be unsure where to start, or the range of options available can appear intimidating or too wide.
This situation often leads to ‘investor inertia’, which prevents people from embarking on their financial journey. If you don’t know how to proceed, you are less likely to actually do anything about it, and more likely to completely avoid the situation and leave things as is. This issue is known as ‘opportunity cost’.
By seeking guidance from a highly qualified wealth manager, you can be introduced to investments that are suited to your unique objectives.
Wealth managers can assist in opening investment accounts, which come in the form of regular savings accounts or lump-sum vehicles. For instance, investors may wish to invest in property, cryptocurrencies, stocks, or fixed-income vehicles 
Our wealth managers can recommend suitable choices which match your personal goals and aspirations.
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Investment options

There is a broad range of options available for investors within financial markets, including stocks and shares, bonds, mutual funds, ETFscryptocurrencies, propertyNFTs, and fixed income products. deVere’s wealth managers can introduce you to various options that suit varying investment objectives.

Where to Invest Money

Where you choose to invest your money will have several consequences in terms of tax and growth. Many investors choose to invest in tax-efficient jurisdictions, for instance the Isle of Man, which will allow them to protect their investments from differing forms of tax.
It is important to select the best fund managers to invest your wealth. At deVere, we partner with some of the world’s most-respected financial institutions, so our wealth managers can introduce you to the top fund managers via various investment platforms. We also use our considerable size, strength, and leverage to provide you with our own, exclusive investment options.

Investment Opportunities

By their very nature, investors are always looking for the next best opportunity. In the modern-day of social media and increasing levels of online investor activity, it’s important to differentiate quality advice from speculative online conversations.
Our advisors offer impartial, unrestricted, independent advice, meaning they provide whole-of-the market options. deVere prides itself on ensuring clients are always first to hear about investment opportunities in their varying forms with:
  • Weekly investor opportunity correspondence  
  • Monthly investment portfolio updates  
  • Quarterly advisor market reviews  
It is important to select the best fund managers to invest your wealth. At deVere, we partner with some of the world’s most-respected financial institutions, so our wealth managers can introduce you to the top fund managers via various investment platforms. We also use our considerable size, strength, and leverage to provide you with our own, exclusive investment options.

Why are deVere the investment market leaders?

As one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory, wealth management and fintech organisations, we offer a comprehensive range of products, many of which are exclusive to our clients, as well as cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions. Our well-established relationships with the world’s leading financial institutions, and the fact that we are appropriately authorised and regulated are the cherry on the cake. Talk to us if you want more information on how to reach your financial goals. 

Investment Management

Through our expert advice, and working closely with our clients, at deVere we offer a wide selection of exclusive investment banking services and opportunities, enabling us to find solutions that are specifically customised to meet all your needs and requirements.  

Investments in Equity markets or Stocks provide an opportunity for wealth creation over a long period of time, dependent upon market volatility. When you buy stock, you are basically buying a piece of ownership (shares) in a company. Stocks are one of the most common kinds of investment. 

Mutual Funds pool money from multiple investors and invest it in instruments such as stocks, bonds and other assets. You can choose between various options depending on your financial objectives and requirements. Mutual funds only trade once a day after the market closes. 

An Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) is traded on an exchange just like stocks are. ETFs can contain many types of investments, including stocks, commodities, bonds, or a mixture of investment types, so they are often a popular choice for portfolio diversification. Like stocks and unlike mutual funds, ETFs can be traded at any point during the trading day. 

Fixed-Income Investments are types of investments that pay fixed interest or dividend payments until their maturity date when the principal amount you had invested is returned to you. They can be a secure, low-risk way to generate a steady flow of income which provide a guaranteed return on your investment, as long as they are held to maturity.  

Structured Notes are typically fixed-term investments which can be in operation for two to six years. The product’s performance is dependent on a separate underlying asset and allows clients to potentially benefit from a regular income from an invested lump sum. The deVere Investment Platform app allows you to buy and sell Structured Notes. The application is available on the App Store for iOS and on the Play Store for Android. 

Bonds are an example of a fixed-income product. Investors lend money to a company or governmental entity in exchange of a bond and in return, the issuer is obligated to repay the amount borrowed along with a fixed rate of interest by a specified date. Bonds have fewer risks than stocks, but a lower rate of return. 

ISA stands for Individual Savings Account which offers tax-free interest payments, as long as you do not pay in more than your allowance each tax year. To open an ISA, you must be a UK resident, or a Crown servant (such as a diplomat) or their spouse or civil partner if you do not live in the UK. 

A Venture Capital Fund is a fund for high-risk investment in start-ups or new companies, which is a way for entrepreneurs to raise money. You may read more about how to become a Venture Capitalist here.

An Alternative Investment is any non-conventional investment that is not one of the three traditional asset types (stocks, bonds and cash). Increasingly, alternative investing is becoming more mainstream.  At deVere, we are pleased to able to offer our clients access to alternative investments to add diversification to their portfolios.

Investment Funds can be a cost-effective way for investors to optimise their returns and diversify risks across many markets, making them a convenient and effective way to save for the future. Investment funds are effective in spreading risk as the investors’ money is pooled into a collective vehicle and invested into various securities. 

Another option is an Investment Trust – companies listed on the stock exchange that sell shares to investors and then pool that money together to buy a wide and diversified portfolio of investments on their behalf. Investment trusts are popular for those people looking to safeguard their wealth from things such as inheritance tax. They also play a key role in estate planning to allow wealth to move seamlessly between generations.  

Commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other goods of the same type. Investors and traders can buy and sell commodities such as gold, grains, beef, oil, and natural gas. 

Property is considered as a growth investment because the price of houses and other properties can rise considerably over a medium to long term period. Property tends to be resistant to inflation because physical properties maintain their intrinsic value. It is possible to invest in real estate through a property investment fund. 

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency which uses cryptography encryption techniques for security and operates independently of a central bank. A record of the cryptocurrencies you own is held on a kind of electronic ledger or database called a blockchain. Let the deVere Crypto app put you in control of your finances.  


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) might be an option if you want to expand your portfolio and take on a high-risk investment. Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs utilise blockchain technology. Most NFTs are linked to Ether, which is the cryptocurrency of Ethereum, but they are also available on other chains like Solana. 

deVere has long been a proponent of impact investing, and aims to position $2bn in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investments within five years. We can help you invest in companies that will reduce their carbon footprint and prioritise employees’ rights, consumer protections, board diversity, corporate transparency, and stakeholder accountability, while simultaneously receiving good returns. 

Growth vs Value Investing

Growth investing and value investing are two of the most popular stock investing strategies.
Growth investors opt for companies that offer strong earnings growth in the present; in recent years, tech companies such as Apple, Netflix and Amazon have been good examples. Companies such as these have had better-than-average revenue increases in the past few years, with constant and strong growth in balance sheets, cash flows, and profits. They are expected to continue providing high levels of profit for the foreseeable future.
Value investors opt for stocks that appear to be undervalued in companies that may have fallen out of favour but still have good fundamentals and promising prospects to perform well in the future, or even new companies that have yet to be recognised by investors. The hope is that the market will recognise their value before long, and the share price will eventually go up. Examples in recent years include the major oil companies, including BP, Exxon and Shell, all of which registered huge losses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Growth Investing
Value Investing
Higher priced than the wider market Lower priced than wider market

High earnings growth records

Priced below similar companies in the same industry

Grows quickly Grows slowly or not at all

Higher volatility / risk

Lower volatility / risk

Usually yields low or no dividends Usually yields high dividends
The debate between choosing growth or value investing has been going on for years. Each strategy tends to perform better in different economic climates. When investing long term, it can often be wise to diversify your investment portfolio by combining both growth and value stocks.
Ultimately, the decision to invest in growth or value stocks is determined by the investor’s preferences, time horizon, risk tolerance, and investment goals.
With the ability to do business in over 100 countries, deVere’s clients receive indispensable financial advice wherever they are in the world.


Investment and financial advisors have a wide experience and expertise which takes many years to develop, as well as knowledge of ways to make and save you money in ways you may not be aware of. They can help you to plan ahead to ensure that you have a secure financial future for you and your family.
deVere is ready to guide you through your financial journey whether you are brand new to the investing world or an established investor. Whatever your needs and wishes, we are here to accompany you every step of the way, starting with us doing a ‘health check’ together to fully understand your personal and financial situation.
At deVere, we help our clients, whatever their nationality and wherever their location, to reach – and often exceed – their financial goals by devising, implementing, and managing personalised financial strategies and solutions to grow their wealth. We work with people, not numbers. Our clients’ success is our success. Contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve your financial objectives.

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