Exciting Stocks to Watch in 2023

It’s always prudent to keep an eye on the stock market and continuously look for new potential investments. Whether it’s investing in penny stocks, emerging markets, or clean energy – knowing the right stocks to watch can be a boost to your portfolio. With the dawn of the new year just broken, there could hardly […]

Five Moments That Shocked World Markets in 2022

It’s that time of year when everybody asks, “is it that time already?”. And that time is one of new beginnings, resolutions and ventures. Many will be glad to see the back of 2022, writers especially, having exhausted all available adjectives to adequately describe just how tempestuous a time it has been. So, as we […]

Is now a good time to invest in clean energy?

Rishi Sunak has pledged to make the UK a green energy superpower. The Prime Minister set out his ambitious plans in advance of his attendance at Egypt’s COP27 last month. He redoubled his commitment to accelerating Britain’s energy transition, telling the climate delegation that “We need to move further and faster to transition to renewable […]

What can we expect from financial markets in 2023?

Successful caucasian male trader investor, analysing cryptocurrency financial market, looks at

If somebody claims to be able to predict the future – don’t believe them. From Britain to Beijing, turbulent geopolitics and market forces conspire to make uncertainty the only thing we can count on. But our window into the future is not totally oblique, to borrow a phrase from Donald Rumsfeld:  “There are known knowns; […]

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