Tech Giants Battle for the Future

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Meta, Alphabet, and Microsoft are three massive companies heading in different directions but at the same time competing with each other. Will other companies replace them? Who’s going to win the tech war? If you were investing, which company do you think is best placed to succeed?

Meta stock went up 4% overnight with year-over-year quarterly revenue gains of 23% at $34 billion. Microsoft made 17 billion on its share movement in a week, and Alphabet is down 100 billion.

Can you take advantage of this sudden rise and fall in Big Tech value?

Meta and Alphabet are gaining revenue from advertising, but Alphabet’s AI bar was giving false information, and this caused share prices to drop when some investors lost confidence. Microsoft’s value soared as revenue came in higher than expected, in fact, the highest in six quarters.

Microsoft is going the business route. They are a robust company; once businesses use their software it’s difficult to switch. Businesses rely heavily on AI.

Meta is focusing on the metaverse as a major social and business platform and investing huge amounts into its development. They believe that’s the future.

Alphabet is diversifying its interests into self-driving cars, healthcare, and widespread AI uses that they can gain from.

“For me, I’d go Microsoft as the stronger of the three, but to be honest, it’s a tight call and an investment in all three could do incredibly well. I’d spread my investment over all three but with Microsoft getting a bigger spread.” Nigel Green – CEO deVere

Everyone’s always looking for the ‘next big thing’, but the next big thing might already be here.

Diversify and always talk to a financial advisor to get exactly the right investment mix suitable for your wealth-building needs.


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