Online Banking

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Our clients are global citizens. In today’s globalised, mobile and ever-more connected world, your money also has to be borderless and accessible on-the-go.

With the deVere Vault app and deVere Vault Prepaid Mastercard®, our e-money service offers you easy, secure and convenient online banking wherever you are in the world.

It gives you hassle-free access, and you can manage and use your money without excessive exchange rates.  

You can load your accounts in any of the five account settlement currencies. As well as being able to exchange between these currencies, you can access and use a further 27 different currencies within the app.

Vault is also paperless. This means considerably less waste, less deforestation, and a smaller carbon footprint.

Traditional banks have a long way to go to catch-up with tech-driven challenger banks like Vault, which are intrinsically much greener and are leading the charge to a paperless future.

Vault is available for iOS and Android users.

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