Blockchain Explained: Expert Analysis of Its Mechanisms and Utility

Blockchain technology concept

For over a decade, the main argument against cryptocurrencies has been that they have no purpose or use in the real world, that they rely purely on intrinsic value and won’t be able to replace cash without providing more benefits to the average person. In this blog, we will explain exactly what the blockchain is, how it is used […]

Bitcoin and the Digital Age

Bitcoin in stack

We are in the midst of a generational change. The present is being tussled between long-standing practices of an analogue financial environment with the promise and efficiency of a future, computer-led, world. The gaming boom of the past decade has evidently raised a generation that seeks pleasure online, at each end of a headset, instead […]

What is the Metaverse, and how does it work?

Young man using vr glasses with glitch effect. new virtual world metaverse

A metaverse blurs the line between real and virtual life; it is a virtual world or space that you can enter, ‘live’ and participate in using virtual and augmented reality headsets or glasses.

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