International Investment Strategy

About Tom Elliott

Tom Elliott is an independent investment strategist, and has been a consultant to the deVere Group since 2013. He uses his 25 years experience in the financial sector to help explain and discuss, with the Group’s clients, the economic and political influences that drive capital markets.
Tom is a fan of the core / satellite approach to investing, whereby the bulk of a portfolio is invested in good quality core multi-asset investments that are held for the long-term, while a small portion of the portfolio is used to take short, tactical positions in the markets.
Tom worked as a strategist on the global multi-asset desk at JP Morgan Asset Management. From 2006 until leaving in 2013 he was head of the UK Guide to the Markets team, which focused on high-level investor communication. He left JP Morgan Asset Management as an Executive Director, after 18 years with the firm.
Tom has an MSc in Economic History from the London School of Economics. He has been a visiting lecturer in the department of political economy at King’s College, London since 2015.

International Investment Strategy

deVere Investment Strategy aims to provide clients with a comprehensive picture of the global economy and regular updates on current stock market and fixed income trends, in order to assis investors in making informed investment decisions.
The core-satellite approach to investing has several advantages over buying a multitide of separate, high risk investments. The bulk of the portfolio multi asset investor, who is qualified to match expected returns with expected levels of risk.
The satellite investments allow the client to try to ‘beat’ the market with higher risk investments, but total portfolio risk is reduced through setting a limit on the size of the satellite allocation relative to the core.

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