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From Sizzling Temperatures to Sustainable Solutions: Your Part in Climate Action

From East to West, North to South, we all felt the heat this past July 4th. And not just the usual summer warmth, but a global high that marks it as the hottest day on Earth since at least 1979. With an average global temperature of 17.18 degrees Celsius, we may have lived one of the hottest days our home planet has experienced in about 125,000 years.

Millions of people were exposed to dangerous heat in the United States. China grappled with sizzling heatwaves, and even the chill of the Antarctic winter ran unusually high. This record-breaking day underscored an undeniable truth: the climate crisis knows no borders.


We understand that these historic events aren’t just global headlines; they impact each one of us in real, personal ways. As a trusted partner in your financial journey, we want to ensure we’re doing more than just highlighting problems. Instead, we aim to offer solutions.

This isn’t just about making your investments grow. As a founding member of the Net Zero Initiative, we have a commitment to seeking solutions not just for our clients, but for our planet too. We’re now giving you the chance to be part of this worldwide effort, tackling a problem that impacts us all – no matter what country or continent you reside in.

If you’re interested in evaluating your portfolio’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact, we offer a comprehensive ESG review.

Reach out to your advisor to rebalance your investment portfolio or Click Here to capitalise on growing ESG trends in forward-thinking companies whilst contributing positively to the climate solution.


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