Financial advisory giant expands graduate programme by 25% due to demand

One of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations is to expand its flagship graduate programme by more than 25% this year, it has revealed.

deVere Group’s founder and CEO, Nigel Green, has confirmed that at least 160 graduates will take part in the programme this year, up from 125 in 2018.

The news comes as the Group continues its ambitious strategic horizontal and vertical growth strategy.

Mr Green observes: “There are four key drivers for the expansion of the graduate programme.

“First, there is a growing demand from highly talented graduates seeking places.

“Second, there is an increasing global client demand – more and more people are needing and wanting advice. Much of this is being fuelled by changing demographics and as people place even greater importance on expertise.

“Third, there are evolving client expectations, much of which is being driven by new technologies.

“And fourth, the industry is facing an impending adviser gap. Many existing advisers are exiting the industry due to the pressures of increasing regulation, increasingly competitive market conditions and/or retiring. As such, there is a pressing need for the bigger companies in the sector to step-up and train and recruit the next generation of world-class wealth management professionals to fill the looming shortfall.”

The 18-month deVere Group Graduate Programme begins at the organisation’s training centres in Milan, Manila or Dubai. Graduates are then given the choice to attend an international deVere Academy in exciting global destinations such as Barcelona, Hong Kong, Dubai, Sydney and Cape Town, before full-time relocation when they start work.


The deVere CEO continues: “The grads receive invaluable one-to-one support from established advisers, managers, and industry trainers, as well as mentoring from senior deVere staff, to help them fulfil their maximum potential.


“Whilst undertaking formal industry qualifications, graduates will simultaneously be working with international mass affluent and high net worth clients, alongside some of our most successful consultants, to benefit from ‘hands-on’ experience.”


He adds: “deVere grads don’t just witness our high-energy, client-focused, values-driven culture – they’re an integral part of it.  This will then enable them to become better financial advisers and have more successful careers.”

Nigel Green concludes: “The deVere Graduate Programme is intense, fulfilling and rewarding – which mirrors the sector itself.

“The expansion of the programme underscores our commitment to using our resources to meet the demand of a dynamic, changing and growing industry.”







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