Is critical illness insurance worth it?

Critical illness insurance is a type of insurance that pays out a lump sum if you or one of your loved ones is diagnosed with a serious illness.  Being diagnosed with a serious illness can mean having to stop work, and is associated with incurring extra expenses. In these circumstances, an insurance payout could be […]

Discover the Dolce Vita: Working at Our Milan Office in Italy’s Financial Hub

Milan Lombardy Region

Welcome to Milan, Italy’s bustling financial centre and one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. Known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and fashionable flair, Milan offers a unique and fulfilling experience for those working in the financial services sector. Our Milan office, located in the heart of this captivating metropolis, provides the perfect environment for […]

Navigating the world of tax

Tax is as certain as death; this little three-letter word often strikes fear in an investor’s heart. Not pay, pay, pay, but tax, tax, tax…

University Tuition: A Comprehensive Guide for Expat Parents

International students face spiralling tuition fees Students have borne the brunt of rising tuition fees in recent years, none more so than international students. Students attempting to enrol in top universities in the UK, US and Australia are facing the prospect of large upfront fees and high living costs. Increasingly families are planning financially to […]

Population Collapse and Financial Consequences: What You Need to Know

What is population collapse? According to recent studies, birth rates have been declining steadily over the past few decades in developing countries, with significant implications for financial markets worldwide. In fact, in the UK, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) conducted a study in 2022 that showed for the first time in human history, over […]

Is Finance a Good Career Path? 

Beautiful asian businesswoman working on laptop in office. business finance concept

A career in the financial services industry can be both lucrative and rewarding. The field presents many exciting challenges and opportunities and can be an attractive proposition for go-getters and hard workers. But success in the industry requires hard work, qualifications and a serious appetite. If you’re considering whether the finance industry is a good […]