Will the US economy enter a recession?

US currency with stethoscope struggling economy

Most Americans believe their country is in the midst of a recession—but it isn’t—at least not yet. According to a recent Harris Poll conducted on behalf of The Guardian, almost 60 percent of Americans believe the economy is shrinking. The truth is employment is on the up, and the economy appears to be returning to […]

Are pensions at risk in the general election?

British people in a polling booth

The UK general election is on, and within a few weeks, Brits will wake up to a Labour government, according to all the opinion polls. That means an end to fourteen years of successive Conservative Prime Ministers and Keir Starmer taking Sunak’s place as premier. Ahead of polling day on July 4, the two main […]

Investor likens AI to the atomic bomb 

man with gas mask photographs the radioactive barrels

Since the debut of OpenAI’s Chat GPT in 2022, industry leaders and governments worldwide have issued warnings of the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. While the tool could supercharge economic productivity, both sceptics and AI pioneers have warned of its potential dangers. However, it’s important to note that AI also holds immense potential for societal benefits. Now, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, […]

Nvidia bursts bubble talk for good  

AI robot painting in the art studio

Nvidia shares surged past $1,000 for the first time on Wednesday, May 22, after the chipmaker blew away analyst’s estimates for sales and earnings. The AI superpower continued to rally into Thursday, when the company’s market cap climbed by $277 billion, making it worth as much as the GDP of Russia, plus three hundred billion USD. The rally appears to have put […]

Is copper the new oil?

While gold’s bullish run has attracted its fair share of attention over recent months, one analyst believes a less glamorous commodity could soon steal the show. Speaking to Bloomberg, Jeff Currie of Carlyle declared, “Copper is the new oil” and added, “I go back to the 2000s; I was bullish on oil then as I am on copper today.”  Copper is finding […]

Financial Risk Management: Strategies for Stability and Growth

Risk and Strategy in Business

Ever think about how businesses manage to survive when the market gets shaky? Financial risk management holds the reins when it comes to making smart money moves. Whether you’re an expat or just someone interested in wealth planning, understanding this can be a game-changer. Handling credit issues or sorting out daily glitches becomes much easier […]

How does a stock exchange work?

Wall Street Stock Exchange

Imagine the finance sector as an elaborate dance where every transaction requires careful strategy and timely decisions. Picture the heart of global trade – that’s your everyday bustling stock exchange, key to making or breaking markets everywhere. But what exactly is a stock exchange? Imagine a public logbook spread over many different servers; it records […]

Is Boeing too big to fail? 

Airplane at the International Airport

American aerospace giant Boeing has seen its stock price plummet almost by half in the last five years. The fall was precipitated by the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 disaster, a Boeing 737 MAX aircraft which in 2019 nosedived into the ground, resulting in the deaths of all 157 people aboard. The National Transportation Safety Board reportedly concluded the crash […]

Meme Stocks Madness: How Viral Shares are Shaking up Wall Street

Digital tablet with stock market data

GameStop (GME) is an American brick-and-mortar video game retailer. In the digital age, when video games can be readily downloaded, they don’t appear to have an obvious utility value. For GameStop, the fate of Blockbuster should be portentous – online streaming services routed the film rental giant – and GameStop’s physical products should be just as vulnerable. But a hardened band of […]

Apple enters AI arms race 

Apple may have turbo-charged the AI arms race this week after it was reported the tech giant had begun work on a proprietary chip which could give it an advantage over sector rivals. Codenamed Project ACDC, the new chips would run AI software in data centre servers.  It comes after CEO Tim Cook told investors in February the firm […]

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