Careers in Finance for 2023

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Founded in 2002, the deVere Group is one of the world’s leading independent financial institutions. We offer personalized financial advice and provide digital solutions for our clients across the globe. The deVere Group has enjoyed tremendous success since we were founded over 20 years ago, and our staff has played no small part in that success.

At deVere, we recognize that the people we employ will pave the way for our future successes, and as such, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. If you are interested in a career in finance or considering your career options after an MBA or bachelor’s in finance, we strongly recommend you read on. This article will cover two key positions currently available at deVere; our trainee program and positions in our wealth management team.

Trainees for careers in finance

For those curious about how to get a career in finance, deVere’s trainee program may be just the place to start. The financial world is in constant flux, investment opportunities regularly present themselves, and regulatory frameworks are consistently changing. Navigating this financial landscape can be challenging for inexperienced individuals. For this reason, it is necessary that all our staff members are provided with suitable training to ensure their success. deVere’s Trainee Development Program can provide you with a clear pathway to one of the best careers in finance while providing you with the knowledge and skills required to succeed.

The Development Program is designed to train individuals for positions across our entire business, including wealth managers, business development specialists, and marketing executives. Throughout the course, you will be accessed and observed to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that we may find the best career pathway for you. As you learn about deVere, we will learn about you.

When examining applicants, we look for several characteristics, which include personal interests, past experiences, and future goals. Primarily, we are searching for individuals interested in using technology to provide clients with financial solutions. In the digital age, Fintech is critical to providing your clients with the best possible service. As such, deVere Group is committed to ensuring that its staff is as familiar with relevant Fintech as possible.

Although we prefer that our trainees hold a degree in a relevant subject, we do not require it. Ultimately, we look for individuals with the right attitude, interests, and desire to succeed in the financial world. Although a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject will be an advantage, we will ensure that our trainees are provided with the tools and training necessary for their success. At deVere, we care more about your potential than we do about your past.

If you are interested in deVere’s Trainee Development Program or would like to find out more information, we recommend visiting our careers page here.

Wealth Managers

Wealth management is arguably one of the best careers in finance, but only a few people are familiar with what wealth managers do. In short, wealth and asset managers are responsible for managing the investment portfolios of high-net-worth individuals. The role of a wealth manager is typically two-pronged and involves two core services: financial planning and portfolio management.

Providing these services will require you to perform several tasks, including investing your client’s wealth, managing those investments, advising on future investments, and evaluating your client’s spending habits to ensure maximum financial efficiency. To effectively render these services, our wealth managers will need to be familiar with a wide range of regulations and investment products. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

•             Lump Sum Investments;

•             Fixed-Income Products;

•             Global Funds including Equity, VC, ESG;

•             Portfolio Bonds;

•             Regular Savings Plans;

•             International Pension Planning;

•             Fintech;

•             All Relevant Legislation/Regulations.

Although high-net-worth individuals represent a significant proportion of the clientele you will serve as a wealth manager, this is not always the case. Contrary to popular belief, individuals of all income levels can benefit from the financial planning advice of wealth managers. As a wealth manager at deVere Group, you can expect to have a diversified client base that will require a range of services, allowing you to develop a well-rounded foundation in financial planning and advisory.

As many readers may already be aware, there is no regulatory body that governs the wealth management profession. As a result, there is no formal pathway to securing the role at the deVere Group. When considering applicants for a wealth management position, we look for applicants who hold a degree in a related subject like finance, accounting, or economics. Similarly, we require that our wealth managers are either level 4 advisory qualified within the UK or that they aspire to achieve this certification.

Alternatively, we train wealth managers as part of the trainee program we discussed above. If you do not meet the requirements above but are keen to build a career in the wealth management industry, we recommend reviewing our careers page linked above. 

Those of you who are looking to secure direct entry into a wealth management position would ideally hold an MBA in finance and a relevant bachelor’s degree or two years of relevant experience.

Successful applicants will enjoy many benefits, including an uncapped results-based compensation package, the opportunity to secure further chartered qualifications relevant to the industry, and transfer options that will allow them to work across the globe.

If you would like to know more about what working at the deVere Group is like, or have any questions regarding our wealth management roles, please feel free to visit our wealth managers careers page here.


We hope this article was useful for those wondering how to get a career in finance at deVere Group. Although the article only discussed two potential career options, the deVere group regularly hires individuals for some of the best careers in finance. If you are not interested in the two opportunities detailed above, we encourage you to regularly check our careers page for future vaccines.


Dylan Soiza

Dylan is a qualified barrister in England & Wales and an experienced financial writer. Although most of Dylan’s investment experience revolves around the U.S markets and cryptocurrencies, he regularly writes about various financial topics. These topics include macroeconomic trends, shifts in monetary policy, and personal finance.

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