Call out Tuesday! Global Referral Rally!

Let’s go deVere... let's seize the day, and make this Sales Call-Out Day an extraordinary success. Tuesday is THE Day!

Tuesday is the big day… Global Referral Rally!!!

We all know that client introductions are the best way to gain more clients. We also know that the deVere team love a competition.

To achieve both goals, we are going to have a Global Client Call Out day next Tuesday 25th July, to ask for introductions!! We will offer office incentives, individual advisor incentives, BDA incentives plus of course clients can win a Trip to Mauritius!!

We will also add the odd hot potato, “Next person to gain an intro wins…” so make sure you’re ready!

Every name needs registering here…
Don’t forget to register each name with their mobile and email for eligibility. We will check! No cheating!

If you gained 100 referrals how many new clients would you gain?

Make sure you have an explanation ready for calls, emails or WhatsApp’s to clients.

Remember nobody knows anyone that’s interested, but everyone knows someone who’s open minded. Sometimes clients want reassurance before introducing. Be ready to provide it. There’s no better time for clients to introduce us than now. Everyone wants some advice.


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