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deVere Group is the world's leading independent financial consultancy group, with more than $10 billion of funds under advice and administration, and over 80,000 clients around the world. We help our clients, who range from international investors to expatriates who have moved their families overseas to live and work, to find financial strategies and investment vehicles that are best suited to help them create wealth.

deVere Group helps clients safeguard and grow their money, according to their medium- to long- term requirements. Services we offer include insurance policies, investment options, savings and pensions. Our operations are carried out on a case-by-case basis by our qualified network of international financial advisers, allowing us to take each client's goals and expectations into consideration when charting our financial plans and delivering the professional financial advisory services we are renowned for.

With deVere Group, international investors can rest assured that their financial portfolio is in safe, experienced hands that know what it takes to make wealth grow.

Message from the CEO

Welcome to the deVere Group website. Here you will find information about the firm, as well as the latest financial news and developments. As the world's largest independent international financial advisory firm, deVere Group is committed to maintaining our clients' satisfaction in fulfilling all their financial planning requirements, as well as consistently exceeding their expectations.

Mr. Nigel Green
Chief Executive Officer
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deVere Group's collaborations with top investment houses

Our collaborations with some of the world's leading investment firms has given us the opportunity to offer our clients a range of exclusive financial products that are unavailable to people who are not clients of deVere Group. These select products allow us to create a more well-rounded personal savings plan that will generate the best returns on your investments.


Latest deVere News

Investors urged to take advantage of Fed's rate rise
16 Apr 2015

deVere clients to receive up to 24.00% as Goldman Sachs Defensive Autocallable Note Matures
14 Apr 2015

deVere CEO: Labour plan to scrap non-dom tax status is "reckless"
09 Apr 2015

deVere wins award for 'Excellence in Independent Financial Advice'
08 Apr 2015

deVere clients to receive up to 10.60% as Goldman Sachs Developed Markets Note Matures
31 Mar 2015

Goverment Minister visits deVere

Latest Market News

Should Deutsche Bank sell off its retail bank?
17 Apr 2015

Greece holds its ground on debt
17 Apr 2015

IMF chief Christine Lagarde doles praise on the UK economy
17 Apr 2015

Foreign investors plow into China equities
17 Apr 2015

US jobless claims rise; continuing claims lowest since 2000
16 Apr 2015


Latest Pension News

May Elections 2015: What's being said about pensions
16 Apr 2015

Pension reforms - beware of fraudsters now more than ever
07 Apr 2015

Larger pension withdrawals come with surprise tax traps
02 Apr 2015

Pension reforms may lead to poverty
02 Apr 2015

Pension freedoms - FCA warns over complex products
26 Mar 2015

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We are the first professional International Financial Brokerage to bring a borderless approach to our clients worldwide.
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