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We have one unswerving clear purpose:
to help our clients plan and achieve their medium and long-term financial goals via the best financial advice

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As one of the world’s largest independent international financial consultancies, deVere has one unswerving clear purpose: to help our clients plan and achieve their medium and long-term financial goals.

As an independent financial advisor, we believe that by building a long-term, trusted relationship with you, our wealth management advisors can provide the advice and investment products you need, and help you reach your important financial targets – even as your priorities, ambitions and objectives change over time. 

If you reside in a country where we are licenced, our financial advisors are on hand to tend to your personal needs. We recognise that deciding on where to invest your money is a highly individual preference.

This is why we stress the importance of our clients being offered the best independent tailor-made personalised advice and guidance.

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Wealth Management Advisors

Our Wealth Management Advisors are the very heart of deVere. They provide a comprehensive, bespoke strategic financial plan to enable you to work towards your specific personal money needs and long-term financial targets.

Our experienced and professional financial advisors are at your service, to offer their vast expertise via results-driven personalised services and tailor-made strategies. Our services include retirement planning, fixed-income investments, ESG investing, digital asset investing and much more.

Contact us today for more information, and let our wealth management advisors provide a customised financial solution for you.

Financial Advisors Near Me

There are plenty of financial advisor companies in the world. But only one deVere Group. Once you decide to take the plunge and start your investment journey, you’ll need some first-rate financial advice. One of your first questions will likely be: “Where can I find financial advisors near me?”

Check out our locations here and get in touch with a deVere Group financial advisor today.


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