Property Investment

What is Property Investment?

Property investment is when you buy real estate with the intention of making money through rental income, the resale of the property, or both.  

Buying a building – or part of one – is not the only way to get your foot on the property ladder. There are many other ways you can invest in property, directly or indirectly. 

Property investment is big business, and, if done correctly, it can be very profitable. As with any other kind of investment, there is a certain amount of skill involved to buy the right property, as well as a degree of risk.  Property may be owned by an individual investor, a group of investors or a corporation.

If you want to go for property investment for the first time, you need to do your research and figure out if you are financially ready to take this big, exciting step. As the saying goes, you should not invest more money than you are prepared to lose.  

Property investment is considered a long-term investment, so if you want to succeed, you need to be in property for a long amount of time to increase your chances of making money. 

If you have decided to dip your toes in property investment, but do not have the time, or perhaps the skill, to do all the work on your own, your best bet is to contact our property investment specialists at deVere who can set you on the right track, give you advice, help you make decisions, and take care of all the management and nitty-gritty that comes with making the exciting decision to move into property investment. 

Types of Investment Properties

Residential Commercial Mixed-use Vacant Land
Someone buying a residential property and renting it out will receive monthly rental fees. This is when you buy commercial properties that are used solely for business purposes. This kind of property can be used for both industrial and residential purposes concurrently. Buying vacant land is usually a passive long-term investment.

Property investment made simple

Property investment is a big decision.  

At deVere, we offer a plethora of services which will make your foray in property investment much simpler, including tax consultancy, a foreign exchange service and life assurance. 

How do you know which property to invest in? Which location is best? Which mortgage is the right one for you? How do you find your tenants? Who is going to take care of the day-to-day management of the property? In short, who is going to manage your investment and guide you on your journey? 

deVere created its Elite Property Service to act as a platform to help overseas investors acquire property efficiently, with no fuss and hassle. Let us do the work for you. 

Properties you can invest in with deVere

Property investment opportunities are highly diverse. If you want to get into property investment, you can choose from several high-quality properties in various parts of the UK with deVere.  

Properties that deVere offers for investment purposes vary from luxury holiday homes in Devon to a stunning new luxury development in one of Manchester’s most exciting up-and-coming areas to a beautiful development which is a piece of history in Woodside Park in London to exclusive luxury apartments in Kings Dock Mill in Liverpool and many more. 

Find out which properties most interest you together with us at deVere. 


Why invest in Property?

Property remains a solid and secure investment. Real estate prices in the UK have been increasing exponentially over the past few years. Aside, from the ‘pride’ associated with being a property owner, if you want to build long term wealth, it can also be a lucrative venture, when done in the right way. Here are 6 reasons to invest in property today. 

Is investing in Property safe? 

Investing in real estate is generally considered to be a safe option, although there is never any guarantee. However, whether to go for it or not depends on your investment risk approach and the amount of money you are willing to invest. Do you need valuable advice about investing in property? deVere’s property advisors are the right ones to help you.   

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