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This product is available until 15th June 2023

The name Warren Buffet is synonymous with extraordinary financial triumphs and uncanny market acumen. His unrivalled consistency in outpacing market cycles stands as an endorsement of his unmatched ability to pinpoint lucrative prospects. Lately, he’s set his sights on Bank of America Corp, HP Inc, and Occidental Petroleum Corp — all esteemed front-runners in their respective sectors.
This is a powerful testament to Buffet’s conviction in the future success of these companies. To empower you to profit from this insight, we’re thrilled to unveil a unique structured note from BBVA Global Markets B.V., laser-focused on these very stocks. This product promises enticing returns and boasts features specifically crafted to bolster your investment portfolio.

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Here's a snapshot of the stocks:

Bank of America Corp

A financial powerhouse that transcends conventional banking. They offer a diverse suite of services ranging from savings accounts and loans to wealth management, investment funds, and state-of-the-art online banking. Catering to an array of financial needs, they represent an exciting growth opportunity.

HP Inc

A trailblazing tech titan, is not just about computers. They offer leading-edge imaging, printing systems, mobile devices, and comprehensive solutions for businesses and homes alike. With a diverse product portfolio spanning personal computers, workstations, and advanced storage solutions, HP stands as a multifaceted investment with a proven track record.

Occidental Petroleum Corp

A resilient player in the energy sector, covers a broad spectrum from oil and gas exploration and production to the manufacture of vital chemicals. Additionally, their involvement in gathering, treating, and marketing crucial resources such as Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), condensate, and CO2 underlines their adaptability and potential in a recovering market.

This note promises an impressive yearly return of up to 23.0% and benefits from the ‘memory feature,’ ensuring any missed coupons are redeemed the next time the conditions are met, thus maximising your return potential.
The note also boasts an autocall feature, offering the possibility of early redemption if the underlying stocks perform well. Furthermore, your capital is shielded unless an underlying stock drops below 65% of the strike price, providing a comforting layer of security to your investment.
To truly harness the investment prowess of Warren Buffet and supercharge your portfolio, consult with an advisor today. Don’t miss this golden chance to align your investment strategy with one of the world’s most successful investors.
Act swiftly! This exceptional opportunity is available for 3 weeks only, and could close early due to high demand. Seize this remarkable chance to amplify your wealth.

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