Retirement Planning 101: What You Need to Know

The best time to start planning for retirement is now. Pressures on state-run pension schemes are forcing governments to increase the pension age, making many of us work longer before retirement. An ageing population across the West could mean more people drawing out than are paying into the system. In the UK, runaway inflation has […]

What Movie Will Your Retirement Be?

Do you see yourself as the leading lady or man in your own movie, filled with exotic locations and intrigue? Will it be a comedy with laughter and good times or a drama with tears and misery?

How to Track Down a Lost Pension

As of 2022, the value of forgotten pensions in the UK was said to exceed 26 billion pounds. This unclaimed sum is spread across approximately 2.8 million pension plans. That number looks set to rise as the government predicts there could be as many as 50 million lost pots by 2050.  Let’s take a look at how […]

How To Avoid Pension Scams in 2023

The Pensions Regulator has warned pension scheme members to remain vigilantagainst scams. They issued the warning in conjunction with the FinancialConduct Authority and the Money and Pensions Service. It comes after theregulator published a report showing an increase in brand impersonation andcloned companies. Pension scams can have devastating consequences for theirvictims. To avoid falling victim to a scammer, it’s […]

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