The Tech Revolution: An Alternative Look At The Dot-Com Bubble

The deVere Group welcomes you back to our series on significant economic events that have shaped the world we know today. Our journey so far saw us back in the early 1900’s during Stock Market Crash, through to the 1970s Energy Crisis. But now, it’s time to move to a more contemporary event, one many […]

Prosperity to Poverty: A Look Back at The Great Depression

Welcome back to the fascinating world of financial history. If we asked you, “What was the Great Depression?”, how would you answer?  Perhaps you’d recall it as a significant economic downturn, or maybe remember a key date – 1929. But the reality is, understanding the Great Depression is about much more than historical facts and […]

Housing Boom to Financial Gloom: Dissecting the 2008 Crisis

Welcome back to the fascinating world of financial history. If you’ve been with us so far, you’ll remember that we’ve dived into the intricate details of the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the Energy Crisis of the 1970’s before seeking out the cause and effects of the tech bubble in the early 21st century. […]

Flickering Lights and Fuel Lines: Understanding the 1970s Energy Crisis

You’re sitting in a long queue of cars, inching forward at a snail’s pace, all waiting for the same precious commodity – fuel. Sounds like a scene from a dystopian movie, right? But, for those who lived through the 1970s, this was a very real scenario. Welcome back, to our series of dissections into the […]

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