How risky is cryptocurrency in 2022 and beyond?

Crypto coins and money on the desktop

Last year the FTX crypto exchange was the world’s third biggest. Last week, the company, which had listed assets of between 10 and 50 billion dollars, went bankrupt. Sam-Bankman Fried, the erstwhile founder and CEO of FTX personal assets’ collapsed from $16 billion to zero in what Bloomberg described as “one of history’s greatest-ever destructions of wealth.”. […]

What can we expect from financial markets in 2023?

Successful caucasian male trader investor, analysing cryptocurrency financial market, looks at

If somebody claims to be able to predict the future – don’t believe them. From Britain to Beijing, turbulent geopolitics and market forces conspire to make uncertainty the only thing we can count on. But our window into the future is not totally oblique, to borrow a phrase from Donald Rumsfeld:  “There are known knowns; […]

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