Are pensions at risk in the general election?

British people in a polling booth

The UK general election is on, and within a few weeks, Brits will wake up to a Labour government, according to all the opinion polls. That means an end to fourteen years of successive Conservative Prime Ministers and Keir Starmer taking Sunak’s place as premier. Ahead of polling day on July 4, the two main […]

What is the oil price forecast for 2024?

Oil prices fall concept. Oil barrel against decline chart

According to a fresh projection by industry experts, consumers can expect to save on their energy bills in 2024. The latest analysis by the ISG oil price forecast shows a slowdown in demand for oil, resulting in the commodity trading at a reduced price of between $70 and $100 throughout next year.   The news follows a sharp […]

Will the US dollar decline in 2024?

The US dollar has suffered a gradual decline over recent decades. In the face of a rising China and a more belligerent geopolitical settlement, the amount of US currency held by central banks as a reserve currency has fallen sharply. But while the dollar might not still enjoy the same hegemony of its 1990s heydays, it continues […]

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