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Nigel Green deVere Group CEO

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CEO Nigel Green is the founder and the driver of the deVere Group, the World's Largest Independent Financial Consultancy with a substantial global presence.

The deVere Group provides expert impartial financial advice in international savings, bonds, life insurance, pensions, as well as structured products, to expatriate clients and international investors around the world. Nigel Green continually affirms that the deVere Group's purpose is to help our clients create value and wealth by advising the right financial products that best suit their needs.

We are committed to helping all our clients become totally financially independent and secure. With deVere, there is no such thing as a 'typical' client, because each person has his own individual needs, goals, concerns and aspirations. Our Financial Advisers understand that and as such choose to dedicate the appropriate time to understand their client's goals carefully and then create the best possible path for them to achieve those goals.

deVere Group CEO Nigel Green has led the company with great commitment and dedication since its inception in 2002. Today the company takes care of over $9 billion of funds under advice and management, and has more than 70,000 active clients around the globe.

As a global company, the deVere Group continually strives to sustain its international presence through an expansion programme so that it is constantly within easy reach of the deVere Group clients wherever they choose to reside in the world.

The company is built on the belief that clients' needs must always come first, consequently, we invest time and resources to select and train Financial Advisers, in order to maintain the culture of success that is synonymous with us.

In today's world, high ranking business people do not have the time to analyse closely their financial situation, ponder their financial future, or spend hours looking for the best investment opportunities available. That is why, when CEO Nigel Green founded the deVere Group - the world's largest and most successful group of Independent Financial Advisers, he had these people in mind. deVere can offer you the opportunity to provide you with the best investment solutions, when it comes to international financial planning.

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CEO Nigel Green

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