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Nigel Green is the founder CEO and key driver of deVere Group, the world's leading independent international financial consultancy.

Green believes that only by generating a full understanding of the client’s circumstances, can the most suitable solution be constructed to effectively serve their requirements in a compliant manner.

deVere Group was created to help international investors fulfil their financial goals, creating value and wealth through professional, independent financial advice. Green started off in London and was based there for 15 years. In one of the most competitive and exciting financial arenas in the world – this was where found his feet and made the move to establish the Luxembourg-registered company deVere & Partners, with the aim of offering financial services to expats. 

deVere Group as we know it today was launched in 2002, when Nigel Green established an office in Hong Kong. The company was and continues to be bolstered by Green’s willingness to consider any market. This stems from the increasing number of expats in need of professional financial advice all over the world.

As often explained by Green himself, many individuals are often too busy to extensively analyse their fiscal matters in meticulous detail nor do they have the time to always keep abreast of what financial initiatives are available.

With more than $10 billion of funds under its advice and administration, and over 80,000 clients around the world, deVere Group now operates in over 80 offices worldwide.

Providing expert, impartial financial advice to expatriate clients and international investors around the globe, deVere has made a success by offering advice on international savings, bonds, life insurance, pensions, as well as structured products.

Under Nigel Green, the deVere Group is adamant that effective and extensive training serves to generate the finest financial advisers to cater to our clients. Substantial amounts of time and resources are invested into the deVere Group training, ensuring that every single financial advisory within the organization are kept in a sharp mindset.

As an outspoken critic of FATCA, Nigel Green of deVere, recently won the Ops Business Person of the year award.

Read more about Nigel Green in Testimonials.

CEO Nigel Green 

Read more about Nigel Green in Testimonials.

CEO Nigel Green

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