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Nigel Green deVere Group CEO

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Nigel Green, deVere Group CEO and founder, set up the world's leading independent financial consultancy in 2002.

deVere Group was created with the aim of helping international investors fulfill their financial goals, creating value and wealth through professional, independent financial advice. Now, more than a decade on, that goal remains very much at the heart of the company.

deVere Group provides expert financial advice related to international savings, bonds, life insurance, pensions and structured products to expatriate clients and international investors around the world.

At deVere, we believe in each of our clients' individualities. Every person we meet has different goals, aspirations, needs and concerns. Therefore, we believe that our advice needs to be tailored as such, taking every aspect of their lives in account and creating the best path for them to achieve success.

The group's success speaks for itself. Today, the firm has $10 billion of funds under its management and advice. It also has over 80,000 active clients around the world.

With Nigel Green at the helm, the deVere Group continues to develop its international presence so that wherever the client chooses to live and work, we can be close at hand. The clients' needs have always come forst and will continue to do so. That is why we invest time and resources to select and train Financial Advisers. In this manner, we can maintain the culture of success that allows us to provide the best in international financial solutions.

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CEO Nigel Green

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