Labour: Tory manifesto threatens 10 million pensioners


19 May, 2017

Labour: Tory manifesto threatens 10 million pensioners

Labour has accused the Tories of threatening pensioners' living standards, with the opposition leader arguing that Theresa May's "nasty party has launched a shameful attack on older people".

The Prime Minister's Tory Manifesto, released yesterday, was unsurprisingly Brexit-centric. "Forward, Together: Our plan for a stronger Britain and a prosperous future", the manifesto tries to get across that Mrs May is the only person amongst her rivals that can secure a good Brexit deal.

Another major theme within the manifesto involves reforms to social care policy. Such proposals include a new system to pay for looking after the elderly in England.

Its aims to alleviate the cost of social care via cutting down Winter fuel expenses so it applies only to the least well-off. She said: "Those elderly people who've been worried about how they pay for care in their home won't have to worry about that in the future.
"They won't have to pay while they're still alive, they won't have to sell their home while they're living in it.

In one of their more controversial policies, the PM said that the council will no longer meet the social care costs for people with assets worth more than £100,000. Instead, their costs will be met out of the value of their homes, if necessary, after they and their partner have died.

"What we also see is those people who are worried that their savings - have done the right thing and saved through their life and worried their savings will dwindle to nothing - we're quadrupling the threshold at which assets will be protected to £100,000", she said.

The PM said that such policies will ensure elderly people receive the dignified and high quality care they deserve.

However, as expected, the manifesto has not gone down well with party rivals; most notably the Labour Party. The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, claims that the manifesto threatens the living standards of pensioners and working people.

Furthermore, Labour peers argue that the scheme to cut down costs of Winter fuel expenses will see 10 million pensioners lose out.

On Twitter, the Labour leader said: "If you're a pensioner @Theresa_May is taking your vote for granted. She'll take away your winter fuel payment. Labour won't".

And in a second tweet, he said: "If you're a pensioner, @Theresa_May takes you for granted. She'll make you pay for visits from care workers if you own a home. Labour won't".

Both Mr Corbyn and Mrs May failed to appear in last night's Party leader debate.

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