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22 Feb, 2013

deVere Group CEO running 2013 Malta Half Marathon to raise money for deVere charity foundation

Nigel Green, the Chief Executive Officer of the deVere Group - the world's largest independent financial consultancy group with administrative offices of more than 100 employees in Malta - is running the 2013 Land Rover Malta Half Marathon on Sunday 24th February, in pursuit of raising £100,000 for deVere Charity Foundation as well as other children's charities.

Nigel Green will be running alongside deVere staff and Alex Flynn, the man who began an epic feat in 2011: to run, walk, swim and cycle 10 million metres in 3 years to raise £1 million for The Cure Parkinson's Trust - after being diagnosed with Idiopathic Parkinson's disease 2 years ago.

Alex Flynn hopes to raise awareness as well as funds for Parkinson's with press features such as the BBC, The Times UK.

"I am so looking forward to running the half marathon in Malta. This will be a special race for me as I will be running with Nigel Green; whose support and vision along with the rest of the deVere group, has been central to the success of my 10MillionMetre challenge. It will be an honour to run with Nigel and the deVere Malta team and raise money for the new deVere foundation", Alex Flynn. 

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to support Alex Flynn in this remarkable challenge. It is great to have the opportunity to raise money for such worthy causes. deVere has a whole team running in the event, so I'm sure it will be a fun day!", Nigel Green.

The money raised will go to the deVere Charity Foundation, a registered UK charity that raises money for children's foundations around the world.

The deVere Group offers advice on financial services for medium to long term client requirements on investments, savings and pensions to over 70,000 clients worldwide through 70 offices, with the majority of the administration passing through Malta.

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