deVere launches investment app as it further expands into fintech


04 Oct, 2017

deVere launches investment app as it further expands into fintech

Adding to its growing fintech proposition, deVere Group has today launched deVere Investment, an execution-only, low-cost investment app that will allow clients to purchase Structured Notes, ETFs and Mutual Funds.

The app is offered by deVere Investment Ltd, a technology-driven company based out of Mauritius, and is available to download now through iTunes and Google Play.

Nigel Green, founder and chief executive of deVere Group, affirms: “This fast and effective app provides clients with a platform that is low cost and gives them the ability of day-to-day execution-only trading”.

“In addition, it also gives the clients a great advantage whereby they can purchase Structured Notes with no minimum investment and low custodian costs of just 20 basis points”.

He continues: “By capitalising on the benefits of this investment app, deVere is helping even more people make their savings work for them, enabling them to successfully achieve their long-term financial objectives”.

“Also, it is helping to advance the financial services sector past the limited scope of what traditional firms and banks are offering their clients, especially in terms of customer experience and accessibility”.

“In today’s world, clients demand personal instant access anywhere and at any time - and this app, which is a specialist vehicle that allows clients to track their portfolios on the go, offers just that”.

Earlier this year, through deVere E-Money, the organisation launched its first fintech (financial technology) proposition, deVere Vault, a global e-money app designed for internationally mobile individuals and firms. Last week another 22 currency wallets were added to the existing five, making deVere Vault the world’s most international e-money app. More than 40,000 users will have downloaded and be using deVere Vault before the end of the year, it has been forecast.

deVere Group is expected to launch more ground-breaking fintech solutions in the next few months.

As the additional currency wallets were rolled out last week, the deVere CEO commented: “We’re entering a new age. We are truly at the start of a tech and digital revolution that is monumentally changing the way we live, do business and connect to one another - and the changes are coming quicker than ever before and will affect more people than ever before”.

“From self-driving cars, genetic bio-editing to intelligent robots, new technologies will impact every part of our lives. Our financial lives will be no exception. Therefore, we’re committed to helping shape the future by developing accessible and in-demand fintech propositions that empower us all to achieve our financial objectives and manage our money in today’s world”.

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