deVere Group clients receive 20% p.a returns


19 Feb, 2013

deVere Group clients receive 20% p.a returns

The deVere Group is proud to announce that yet another exclusive auto-callable note has matured, giving clients the highest levels of returns in the industry – up to 20% p.a for clients invested in US$.

This Morgan Stanley exclusive structured product has called after 12 months, meaning that clients invested in the note are soon to receive between 14% (Euro), 16% (GBP) and 20% (US$) profit, in addition to a full return of the capital invested.

Indeed, the deVere Group - which today stands as the world's largest international financial consultancy, continues to achieve unrivalled success with its exclusive range of structured products – giving clients an opportunity to maximise their wealth in the current climate of low market growth.

No other brokerage in the world can boast these types of returns, nor the wide choice of investment opportunities available to clients. Speak to a deVere Financial Adviser today to learn more about structured products.

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