deVere Group Thailand raises 590,000 THB for flood victims


01 Nov, 2011

deVere Group Thailand raises 590,000 THB for flood victims

The Bangkok branch of deVere Group, the World's Largest Independent Financial Advisory, has last Friday organised a convoy to take food, water and clothing to some of the worst flood-affected areas and presented a 300,000 BHT cheque to the Red Cross with the remaining of the funds.

As large parts of Thailand were flooded and people’s lives were in danger, Adam Clark, Team Leader from deVere Thailand thought it would be a good idea if the team could raise some money amongst themselves to buy drinking water, food and medicines, to organise a convoy to the flood victims. Donations were collected from deVere offices in Jakarta, Manila and Malaysia, together with a contribution from deVere CEO Nigel Green.

In total, 590,000 THB were raised. Adam and some of the deVere team drove around Chonburi, Rayong and Pattaya to collect as much food/medicines as possible and loaded up 3 vehicles to be sent to the victims. On Saturday 29th October a convoy was organised to go to some of the worst affected areas to pass on the relief. The team in deVere Bangkok then also presented a cheque of 300,000 THB to the Thai Red Cross with the remaining of the funds.

deVere Bangkok Area Manager Ian McIntyre commented, “When we arrived, many people including children, adults, elderly and monks came from their houses, which were at least one metre deep, to collect the food. It was amazing to see the smile on these people’s faces. I am proud of the team and want to thank all those who donated or/and helped out in anyway”.

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