UK relaxes grip on public sector pay


12 Sep, 2017

UK relaxes grip on public sector pay

Britain has agreed to relax pay constraints for some public sector workers after lifting the 1 percent cap, Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman announced on Tuesday.

In a statement, they added it would need to be flexible towards pay increases in other sectors whilst maintaining fiscal discipline.

After seven years of strict limitations on public sector pay, police and prison officers will be the first to benefit from the new position after the government agreed to accept the recommendation of independent pay review bodies for increases above the 1 percent cap.

“There will still be a need for pay discipline over the coming years to ensure the affordability of public services and the sustainability of public sector employment”.

“However, the government acknowledges that in some parts of the public sector, particularly in areas of skill shortage, more flexibility may be required,” the spokesman added.

Prison officers will benefit from an average pay increase of 1.7 percent in 2017/18, while police will receive a 1 percent raise to their basic salary, plus a further one-off increase of 1 percent for 2017/2018.

The government said existing departmental budgets would account for the pay rises.

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