Sturgeon calls for second Scottish independence referendum

27 Nov 2020

Scotland’s First Minister is calling for another Scottish independence referendum “in the earlier part” of her next term.
Speaking to the BBC, Nicola Sturgeon said: “I’ve not put a date on it yet. I have not ruled it out nor I have ruled it in. I think that is right not least because of the challenge the country is facing coming out of and rebuilding from Covid.
“Scotland should have the opportunity to choose whether to become independent in the earlier, rather than the later, part of the next parliament.”
In recent months, 14 consecutive polls have found support for Scottish independence.  UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will deny another referendum to be held.
Scotland had an independence referendum in 2014, in which 55% voted to stay in the union.
Since then the SNP has argued that Scotland opposes Brexit after voting 63% to remain in the EU in 2016.
Therefore, Ms Sturgeon believes she has a mandate to hold another independence vote, something which Mr Johnson has so far rejected.
In her interview on Friday morning, she questioned whether Scotland’s future should be decided by “a Westminster government that seems determined to take us in the wrong direction” or a “Scottish government, of whatever party in the future, that is accountable to the Scottish people.”
She added: “If people in Scotland vote for a referendum, there will be a referendum. Across the Atlantic, even Trump is having to concede the outcome of a fair and free democratic election.”