Nigel Green award announced on Bloomberg


29 Apr, 2015

Nigel Green award announced on Bloomberg

In further recognition of deVere CEO Nigel Green’s work on FATCA, Bloomberg have announced Green as the winner of the prestigious ‘Ops Business Person of the Year’.

The FTF News awards recognise the work and achievements accomplished by finance professionals, service providers, regulators and industry experts throughout the year.

Nigel won in recognition for his work in campaigning against the highly controversial Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, better known as ‘FATCA’, a far-reaching US tax law that came into effect last summer.

“FATCA is a subject on which I feel compelled to speak out on,” he told Bloomberg. “I believe that I was able to garner so many votes because FATCA has negatively impacted so many people and companies around the world, and it could seriously harm the US, and therefore the global, economy.”

“As such, people appreciate those of us who have publicly fought for this toxic piece of legislation to be resigned to the history books,” he said. “"Winning this award will provide further motivation to continue the campaign.”

Whilst expressing his pleasure at receiving the award and gratitude to all those that voted for him, Green said that recognition such as this will serve as a catalyst to speak out more on matters of tax and personal finance issues.

“I am not a CEO, and we are not a company, that is prepared to sit back and observe from the sidelines,” he said. “We lead from the front on the important issues that affect our clients wherever they choose to live. Similarly, we are always at the forefront of shaping the international financial services sector and consistently pushing to drive up standards across the board.”

Meanwhile, the founder and President of FTF, Maureen Lowe, explained that with more than 250 nominations and 10,000 votes cast, this year’s awards season was the most competitive FTF has ever seen.

“Nigel Green should be congratulated for his hard work and achievements in 2014. To be recognised as being the best by the industry itself is something to be truly proud of.”

The lavish awards gala ceremony, at which Nigel Green will be presented with the award, will take place in Manhattan, New York City, at the historic Rainbow Room, which sits atop 30 Rockefeller Plaza.