Nigel Green featured on Forbes Magazine


08 Oct, 2012

Nigel Green featured on Forbes Magazine

Nigel Green, deVere Group’s CEO has been featured on Forbes Magazine together with Craig Featherby, Regional Manager of deVere South Africa to speak about the glistening potential of the latter country as well as the goals of the deVere Group.

Mr. Green and Mr. Featherby shed light on the sense of urgency people should have about their financial state in their retirement days. Mr. Featherby explains that ‘out of the 200 people we see on a weekly basis, the unfortunate reality is that only 10% are saving enough for their retirement’.

The article illustrates the primary issue of the deVere Group and that is the firm belief that ‘people need to wake up when it comes to finances’ because they are not realising how precarious a state they may be leading themselves into if they do not have a strategic plan to ensure financially stable retirement days.

The article also illustrates Mr. Green’s take on international financial investment, where he explains that anyone who says: ‘I’m only going to invest in my own country’ is a ‘fool’ because the world is becoming a small community and one should take advantage of the variety of opportunities found in the international markets.

The article moreover shows Mr. Featherby’s excitement to expand more offices in South Africa since he strongly ‘believes in Africa’s potential’. Mr. Green acknowledges the inherent potential this region has but he does add that expansion for deVere is about clients — ‘we have to identify where the opportunities exist, we have to identify who we want to build offices around because people are obviously very important’.

Mr. Green touches upon other interesting issues in Forbes Magazine; if you would like to know more about his views, then please click here to download the pdf version: