Johnson praises first-time Tory voters, vows not to disappoint


13 Dec, 2019

Johnson praises first-time Tory voters, vows not to disappoint

Prime Minister has vowed not to disappoint first-time Conservative Party voters, whose hands had “quivered over the ballot paper” prior to voting.

“We will get Brexit done on time by the 31st January, no ifs, no buts, no maybes,” he said, speaking to Tory supporters on Friday after his election victory. 

The Conservative Party was set for a sweeping win at the December 12 general election, of which Brexit was the main decisive issue. 

Johnson won over former Labour Party voters with his “Get Brexit done” campaign, claiming victory even in the opposition party’s traditional heartlands. 

During a party event in central London, Johnson praised those who had switched over from allegiance to the opposition and abandoned party loyalties, as well as those whose hands may have “quivered over the ballot paper” before voting for him.

“You may only have lent us your vote, you may not think of yourself as a natural Tory (Conservative) ... you may hope to return to Labour next time round, and if that is the case, I am humbled that you have put your trust in me,” he said.

The demolition of Labour’s ‘Red Wall’ by the Tories across industrial areas of central and northern England arrived as voters opted to leave the European Union, and snubbed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s unclear standpoint on the issue. 

“We have won votes and the trust of people who have never voted Conservative before,” Johnson said. “Those people want change. We cannot, must not, must not let them down.”

In conclusion to a short speech delivered at 07:00 GMT, Johnson added that there was further business to deal with before addressing the main task at hand: leaving the European Union.

“Let’s get Brexit done, but first, my friends, let’s get breakfast done.”

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