Early voting starts in Georgia

13 Oct 2020

Georgia’s early voting in the state began on Monday and resulted in people lining up for hours to cast their vote. Voters in Cobb County had to wait in line for around six hours.
The elections and registration director for Cobb County, Janine Eveler noted that “there’s only so much space in the rooms and parking in the parking lot,” meaning that the county could not be fully prepared for this turnout.
Early voters started to line up early in the morning as they began to fill out pre-registration forms.
“We’re maxing out both of those. People are double parking; we have gridlock pretty much in our parking lot.”
The wait did not seem to bother most of the people, who were motivated by a variety of issues. Steve Davidson said that the late U.S. congressman John Lewis’ fight was an important factor. “They’ve been fighting for decades. If I’ve got to wait six or seven hours, that’s my duty to do that. I’ll do it happily.”
Additionally, Adrienne Crowley said, “I would have voted all day if I had to.”
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, people are being encouraged to vote early by election officials and advocacy groups. 
Around 9.4 million people have already placed their vote, political science professor at the University of Florida, Michael McDonald stated.