Biden calls for Americans to unite

07 Oct 2020

Speaking from the storied civil war battlefield of Gettysburg, Democrat leader Joe Biden called for national unity ahead of the U.S. presidential election.

“Today, once again we are a house divided. But that, my friend, can no longer be. We are facing too many crises. We have too much work to do. We have too bright a future to leave it shipwrecked on the shoals of anger and hate and division.”

The upcoming election was described as a “battle for the soul of the nation” by Biden. The central pillars of American democracy are being threatened by the nation’s division caused by partisanship. 

The coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice and economic turmoil would be tackled better, Biden stated, adding that he would govern as an “American president”. 

Biden did not directly mention Donald Trump but hinted at his claims about the pandemic. “Wearing a mask isn’t a political statement – it’s a scientific recommendation. We can’t undo what has been done. We can’t go back. But we can do better.” To date, the virus has killed more than 210,000 Americans.

“The refusal of Democrats and Republicans to cooperate with one another is not due to some mysterious force beyond our control. It’s a decision, a choice we make. And if we can decide not to cooperate, we can decide to cooperate as well.”

Ahead of next week’s debate, Biden told reporters, “If he still has Covid, we shouldn’t have a debate. I think we were gonna have to follow very strict guidelines. Too many people have been infected. It’s a very serious problem, so I will be guided by the guidelines of the Cleveland Clinic and what the docs say is the right thing to do.”