Is Finance a Good Career Path? 

A career in the financial services industry can be both lucrative and rewarding. The field presents many exciting challenges and opportunities and can be an attractive proposition for go-getters and hard workers. But success in the industry requires hard work, qualifications and a serious appetite. If you’re considering whether the finance industry is a good career path, here are the facts you need to know. 

What type of jobs can I get in finance? 

 The financial services industry is broad in scope and presents opportunities for candidates with a range of diverse skill sets. This blog covers some of the many paths you can walk in the world of financial services. 

Financial Analyst Career Path

If data is your thing, life as an analyst may be a good fit

If you’re good with data, a job as a financial analyst could suit you down to the ground. Financial analysts typically deal with gathering and analysing data, and producing forecasts, presentations and reports. 

 There are many kinds of financial analysts, from equity analysts who produce analyses for investment banks to financial planning analysts who reconcile data and conduct variance analysis. However, a financial analyst chooses to specialise; they will need a good head for numbers. 

 The average financial analyst salary in the U.K. is £47,780 per annum, according to data from Glassdoor.

Wealth Manager Career

A career dedicated to helping clients grow their wealth in a tax-efficient manner

Wealth managers, also known as financial advisors, advise their clients on how to invest and in what. A high-level role in the world of finance, wealth managers often hold discretionary powers in handling their client’s portfolios. 

 Wealth managers will often specialise in a particular area, such as fixed income or equities. Landing a position as a wealth manager is often seen as reaching the top of the chain, as successful managers will go on to oversee larger and larger portfolios. 

 It’s for this reason that apart from requiring skill and guile, becoming a wealth manager can require significant industry experience, qualifications, and certification. 

 The average wealth manager salary in the U.K. is £80,049 per year, according to Glassdoor data. 

Investment Banker Career 

 An investment banker advises clients on how to raise money from capital markets, working across project management, venture capital and equity markets. 

 A key area of focus for investment bankers are mergers and acquisitions. When companies are looking to acquire a separate firm, an investment banker will often be onboarded in an advisory capacity. 

 As with other fields in financial services, investment bankers will tend to specialise in a particular niche. What that is will depend on whether a candidate goes into corporate investment banking or operational investment banking. 

Competition for a high-level position in investment banking is fierce and demands a degree-level education plus additional certification – not to mention skill and determination. 

 Glassdoor data shows the average salary for an investment banker in the U.K. is £52,539 per annum. 

What deVere says about a career in finance 

 The deVere Group is amongst the world’s leading Group of financial institutions. The company was formed in 2002 and now comprises 97 separate legal entities globally. 

 The Group provides a number of financial services, ranging from wealth management advice to investment banking. 

 Nigel Green, the CEO of the deVere Group, welcomes candidates with talent and drive to join the industry. He said:

 ‘The financial services industry is one of the most rewarding to work in. We work hard to deliver for our clients every day, and our sustained success has seen the deVere Group grow from infancy to a global success story.

 We are always looking for determined candidates of talent to join us in our mission to deliver world-class financial services. Working in this industry isn’t always easy – it takes hard work and skill. Those who are willing to put their shoulder to the grindstone and seize every opportunity will find a tremendous future awaits them in the financial services industry.’

What are the benefits of working in finance? 

A career in financial services can be lucrative and stable and offers many opportunities for career advancement.

American wage data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in business and finance will soar 7% between 2021 and 2031. The growing industry is set to outstrip all other U.S. occupations – with particular roles, such as financial examiners, expected to grow at a rate double that of the national average over the same period. 

 Workers in the financial services industry can expect to operate in high-pressure environments at a fast pace, but not without ample reward. 

 Data from The Graduate Market In 2022 shows that of recruiters who feature in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers, the average starting salary in banking and finance is £38,000 in the U.K. 

 In financial services, performance talks and high flyers will quickly find that career advancement opportunities open up. As successful entrants find themselves climbing up the ladder, they will take on more responsibilities and increasingly advanced portfolios, with higher remuneration reflecting the increased workload. 

The deVere Internship Programme

The deVere Group has launched several successful internship programmes and remains eager to take on trainees. Previous schemes have taken place in Malta, Dubai and London. 

 James Green, deVere’s Head of Western Europe, said the company was looking for people who are ‘either fresh out of university or even if they’re looking to do a gap year – a paid year in employment – we’re looking for people to come into the business and do a 12-month internship with us.’

‘We’re going to make it as exciting as possible. We’re not the sort of company where you’re going to be sat stapling bits of paperwork together for 12 months. I want to make it exciting.’

 The deVere internship role is a perfect opportunity for someone looking to gain practical experience in the financial services industry. deVere interns will operate across multiple departments, including client services, Fintech, and recruitment. 

 Interns enjoy one-to-one training from world-leading industry professionals, a financial support package, the guarantee of an interview or full-time employment at the end of the period and much more. 

 Out-of-the-box thinkers, relentless strivers and teachable minds are encouraged to sign up for the training programme.


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Mario Laghos is a journalist. His work has appeared in the European Conservative, Whynow, the Critic, and the Daily Express.

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