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06 Nov 2016

Riding the Camel 6th November 2016
Tom Elliott

Current racing conditions: remaining soft. Q4 asset allocation preferences (unhedged US dollar-based, updated at start of quarter): neutral equities vs. fixed income relative to benchmark. Prefer emerging stock markets to developed. Longer term outlook is to be pro-risk assets. Read more

09 Nov 2016

Riding the Camel 9th November 2016 - Trump Edition
Tom Elliott

Riding the Camel by Tom Elliott - Trump Edition. A look at how investors should respond to Donald Trump's election victory. Read more

22 Nov 2016

Riding the Camel - The Trumpflation rally
Tom Elliott

Current racing conditions: unreliably firm. Prepare for a boom, and possible bust, in the U.S economy with a strong dollar and tighter American and global monetary conditions. Suggested portfolio weightings over the next eighteen month for a diversified multi-asset portfolio: 1) Underweight fixed income relative to equities 2) In equities, overweight developed world equities versus emerging markets with a bias towards small in US equity exposure 3) In fixed income, a short duration bias. Read more

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