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05 Feb 2015

What should investors hope from the Greek negotiations?
Tom Elliott

Greece feels like it is on a fairground roller-coaster ride. Following last week’s election victory by the left-wing Syriza party, the country is currently at the top point of the ride, and is stalled. Everyone is nervously waiting for the headlong drop down into unknown territory. Investors in euro zone equities and bonds would be forgiven for feeling the same way. Greece puts uncertainty into what is basically a positive story for both asset classes. Read more

15 Feb 2015

How a Grexit may work and how it may affect your wealth
Tom Elliott

We enter a period of high-stakes euro diplomacy for the future of the euro project as the Greek government tries to re-negotiate its sovereign debt. This blog looks at what is being negotiated, at how failure may lead to Greece leaving the euro, and the implications for investors in other euro zone countries once the principle of euro membership being conditional -and not permanent- is understood. Read more

20 Feb 2015

Economic history challenges Euro sceptics
Tom Elliott

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