How deVere’s Vault app can help keep your money safe

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Did you know that the Vault app means you can spend, receive, send, pay, and hold money in 27 currencies without any hassle, and while doing away with excessive exchange rates?

Sound too good to be true? The Vault app by deVere is a global digital wallet that gives you the means to transfer and exchange currency instantaneously to and from your account in real time. This means no stress and no hidden fees.

In this day and age, people want borderless, instant and 24/7 access to use and manage their money wherever they are around the globe. This innovative multi-currency platform can offer just this.

Shaking up the traditional banking sector

Designed to cater to your financial needs in a progressively more and more globalised world, Vault lets you load and convert money in up to 27 currencies at the touch of a button. If you need to pay bills overseas, send money to family and friends, or you just want to save money on currency exchange, this user-friendly app is convenient, secure and time-saving.

Additionally, the deVere multi-currency Vault Prepaid Mastercard® can be used online, in-store and at any ATM location across the world where Mastercard is accepted. 

Full transparency with Vault

The Vault app offers full transparency by always showing you the exact conversion rate before you commit to any transaction. Furthermore, it gives you free SEPA money transfers.

No banking fees

As far as it is possible, we seek to absorb or eliminate charges that traditional banking institutions would normally impose. Since its services do away with physical cash and make use of electronic money instead, this allows users to have much more control over their own finances, through the app’s digital wallet system.

Safe and Secure

If you lose your Vault card, or it gets stolen, you can freeze (and later, unfreeze) it instantly. There are instant enable and disable features – for example turning payments on and off when you are travelling. You can also enable and disable contactless transactions or secure touch ID on the go.

Click here to download the iOS and Android versions of Vault.

Vault Business

Vault Business was set up to give companies the ability to streamline every aspect of corporate payments in an easier, time-efficient, and more cost-effective way. It offers users the ability to store major currencies in one easy-to-use account. It facilitates low-cost international transfers, as well as removing the stress from payroll by allowing instant bulk transfers to suppliers and employees.

You can sign up for Vault Business here.


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