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Since their foundation over a century ago, Smith & Williamson has been managing the financial affairs of private clients and their business interests. They are one of the top ten largest firms of accountants (according to the latest survey of the market by Accountancy magazine) in the UK and their investment management business has over £12 billion of funds under management and advice (as at 30 June 2012).

Their prime aim is to help their clients achieve their financial ambitions, both corporate and personal. Their clients are varied some of which are as follows:

  • private individuals
  • mid-large businesses
  • professional practices, and
  • non-profit organisations.

Smith & Williamson`s business spans 11 principal offices in the UK and Ireland, with locations in the City of London, Belfast, Bristol, Birmingham, Dublin, Glasgow, Guildford, Manchester, Salisbury, Southampton and Worcester, and an international capability in over 100 countries through membership of Nexia International (the 7th largest international accounting and consulting network) and M&A International.

In an award-winning business as diverse as theirs, professionalism and teamwork are key. It is recognised that clients and intermediaries take comfort from knowing that they can easily reach senior people and decision-makers in their organisation who are able to understand their needs and objectives.

Their business thrives on its people - a pool of highly talented and enthusiastic individuals who deliver a broad and innovative range of services, but without compromising on delivering a genuinely partner/director-led service. Technical excellence underpins how they deliver their services and their teams are dedicated to offering practical financial solutions.

People may ask what sets them apart from their competitors; put simply, it's their people - ambitious, talented and enthusiastic professionals who enjoy what they do and relish the opportunity to work together and with their clients.


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Smith&Williamson Fund Administration Ltd

Smith & Williamson FarEasGrwTrp Cap






To achieve long-term growth of capital through investment in the Far East and Pacific Basin region. In order to achieve the Trust’s objective, the strategy will be to invest almost exclusively in equities quoted in major markets in countries believed by the Manager to have the most attractive economies in the Far East and Pacific Basin region. There will be an emphasis on Japan, but with flexibility to vary the geographical investment spread throughout the area. The Trust will be invested in larger companies although from time to time there may be investment in smaller companies and also new issues.

Smith&Williamson Fund Administration Ltd

Smith & Williamson Glob Gd Res Cap






The Fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing primarily in the shares of gold mining companies, precious metal related companies and resources based companies quoted on recognised and eligible markets. The Fund may also invest in gold bullion shares, other transferable securities, money market instruments, deposits, collective investment schemes and warrants. The Fund will typically be fully invested in a spread of equities principally within the gold and precious metal industry.