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  • EUR 11.2 bn (as at 30/12/2011) in assets under management
  • 114 investment professionals including¬†40 fund managers
  • 25 years of history
  • 86 investment vehicles, UCITS or mandates
  • 450 institutional clients in Europe and 800 IFA partners
  • Funds regularly awarded 4 or 5 stars by MorningstarTM

Oddo Asset Management is a first-class independent asset manager in France and in Europe. Main commitments to its clients are:

  • Performance, embedding long-term value creation at the heart of their investment processes
  • Transparency, across a simple and focused fund range within a strong risk management framework
  • Innovation is at the heart of their development. New investment strategies are launched each year to seize market opportunities or meet the needs of their clients and partners.
Oddo Asset Management provides private and institutional clients with conviction-driven investment strategies covering major asset classes open funds and dedicated mandates. Investments are subject to rigorous and permanent risk controls at every level:
  • High value-added products at the heart of their expertise
  • Mid Cap Equities - Europe
  • Thematic Equities - Europe
  • Convertible Bonds - Europe, World
  • Credit and Fixed Income - Europe, World
  • Balanced Management & Multimanagement - Europe, Asia, World


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Oddo Asset Management

Oddo Avenir Europe A Cap






The investment seeks to outperform the HSBC small cap index. The fund invests all assets in the fund Oddo Europe. On an ancillary basis the fund may hold onto liquid assets. The master fund primarily invests in small-, mid-cap European shares usually with a turnover below 2 billions Euros. It may also invest up to 75% of assets in shares of organizations based in the EU. The fund may invest in French or overseas bonds and debt securities. The recommended holding period is 2 years.