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Marlborough Investment Management Limited -
Marlborough Investment Management offers a full discretionary management service to the whole range of IFA clients, known as Managed Portfolio Solutions service, via their partnership with Parmenion Capital Partners LLP.

Marlborough also offers discretionary management services to high net worth individuals and to charities, pension funds and trusts, utilising specialist investment solutions, known as their Bespoke Portfolio Solutions service. 

The Marlborough Managed Portfolio Solution

The Marlborough Managed Portfolio solution offers active Discretionary Management across eight distinct asset class groups. Each asset group is populated with collective investment funds aimed at meeting the risk and return characteristics of that group, and is managed by Marlborough as a discrete model. The solution asset allocation is strategic and builds ten risk graded models by varying the percentage exposure of each portfolio to the various asset groups using an efficient frontier model.

Relative weightings are kept constant by periodic re-balancing. Marlborough do not seek to actively manage the weightings in each asset class group, rather they aim to achieve superior returns, for any given level of risk, by using actively managed funds selected using their own propriety and bought in fund selection tools. Client attitude to risk and capacity for loss, and subsequent make-up is established utilising an Enhanced Risk Profiling tool developed jointly by their platform administrator Parmenion Capital Partners LLP and International business and Psychology consultants Edgecumbe Consulting.

The risk profiling tool utilises a questionnaire which is designed to integrate seamlessly into the client advice process and provide an accurate measure of financial risk tolerance. The questionnaire provides a ‘score’ for tolerance to risk as well as indicating capacity for loss.  The overall score is then utilised to generate a risk adjusted investment portfolio that matches client attitudes, blended from the eight asset class groups.  After a substantial and independent review the risk profiling process was seen to harmonise with the FSA’s views on ‘’Assessing Suitability’’. It offers ease of use and psychometric accuracy.


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Marlborough Fund Managers Limited

Marlborough High Yield Fix Int Dis






The objective of the fund is to provide a high level of income with the opportunity for some long-term capital growth.   The Scheme will invest in a portfolio largely comprising fixed and variable rate and index related securities issued by corporates, government, supranational institutions and local and regional agencies, both in the UK and internationally, as well as other securities deemed to be appropriate by the Manager.

Marlborough Fund Managers Limited

Marlborough ETF Commodity Fd A Cap






The Investment seeks capital growth.  The asset classes in which the fund is permitted to invest includes units and shares in collective investment schemes, transferable securities, money market instruments and deposits as permitted for non-UCITS retail schemes under COLL. The fund may invest in derivative instruments and forward transactions for limited purposes.

Marlborough Fund Managers Limited

Marlborough Special Situations Cap






The objective of the scheme is to provide investors with capital growth.  The fund invests in smaller companies, new issues and companies going through a difficult period with good recovery prospects. The scheme may invest in derivatives and forward transactions for the purposes of hedging only.