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Lupus alpha (the term means the leading wolf in the pack) is an owner-managed, independent asset management company that offers institutional and retail investors specialised investment products. Each of their product is the responsibility of portfolio managers with many years of experience and success.  A small business with a staff of 70, they see their role as being a partner and solutions provider for the investment needs of their clients.

What does Lupus alpha stand for?

  • Lupus alpha is a specialist -

    They concentrate on a few, attractive asset classes which require particular expertise and in which they can deliver lasting added value for their clients.  Their focus is on European second-tier stocks and the full range of Benchmark-free concepts (sustainable Absolute Return stratgies, fixed income).

  • Lupus alpha is independent -

    Lupus alpha is not a subsidiary of a bank, an insurance company, an industrial giant or a large foreign investment company.  This means they are not tied to trading floors or custodian banks within a group but can instead select these freely in the interests of their clients.

  • Lupus alpha is performance-oriented -

    By performance-oriented, this means that Lupus alpha only launches a fund if there is a realistic opportunity for consistently exceeding the agreed benchmark or target return and positioning it in the top quintile of its peer group.  Due to not having their our own sales network, they cannot compensate for a lack of product quality through sheer volumes of sales. In addition, responsibility for performance is personalised.  At Lupus alpha, investors know which portfolio managers and teams are responsible for the performance of their investments.

  • Lupus alpha is individual -

    "Individualisation, not standardisation" - this is their motto when it comes to dealing with clients.  They do not sell products, they offer tailored solutions.  As a small to medium-sized enterprise, they attach particular importance to a fast, flexible service as well as continuous, contact with their clients in a spirit of partnership, not just when stock markets are rising but also when the market is going through difficult times.

  • Lupus alpha takes a different approach -

    Lupus alphas' corporate concept is the only one of its kind in Germany, from the owner-managed investment company and partnership-based corporate structure through their focus on specialist products to their technological platform that allows them to offer customised solutions efficiently.  They deliberately go off the beaten track. Their aim, though, and their actions are always governed by a particular striving for quality.

Lupus alpha explores new avenues in asset management as can be seen below:

  • the first pure SDAX fund in Germany at the start of 2001;
  • the first Absolute Return strategies based on individual options;
  • the first European Micro Cap fund in mid-2006;
  • the first Talent Hotel in continental Europe since the end of 2006.


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