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IFDS Managers is the specialist fund management division of International Financial Data Services that has been created to support third-party funds for a wide range of Investment Managers.

Bringing over a decade of experience as Europe's leading provider of administration and technology solutions to the investor record keeping market. Now with IFDS Managers they bring their wealth of experience, advanced technology and award winning services to a wider market.

The IFDS Group within the UK provides administration and technology to support (figures as at 31/12/2011):

  • 52 financial organisations
  • €420 billion of assets managed
  • 8.0 million investor accounts serviced


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IFDS Managers Ltd

IM Armstrong Div Real Ret DRR Cap






The Fund aims to deliver capital return in excess of inflation* +4% per annum over a 7 year market cycle. The Fund seeks long term capital appreciation through a flexible and diversified asset allocation across all global asset classes. It dynamically allocates across both traditional and alternative asset classes gaining exposure to a range of assets including: cash and near cash, deposits, money market instruments, fixed income, equity, real estate, commodity indices, currencies and private listed equity. The Fund will utilize a diverse range of strategies and vehicles to gain exposure to these asset classes including: positions in transferable securities, ETFs, investment in other collective investment schemes, derivative strategies and structured notes. It is intended that derivatives will be used for investment purposes and for efficient portfolio management but the ACD does not anticipate that such use of derivatives will have any significant adverse effect on the risk profile.

IFDS Managers Ltd

IFDS Frontier MAP Balance A GBP Cap






The aim of the fund is to provide shareholders with medium to long term investment growth through investing across multiple asset classes targeted towards investors prepared to assume some market risk. The Fund will seek to achieve its objective through investment either directly or indirectly to multiple asset classes including global equities, global fixed income, emerging market equities, emerging fixed income, global real estate, global commodities, managed futures and hedge funds. These asset classes will be accessed in the most efficient manner by, for example, investment in index tracking or replicating funds, derivatives(used for efficient portfolio management purposes), exchanged traded funds, and funds of managed funds.

IFDS Managers Ltd

Ignis IM Argonaut Euro Inc Fund Dis






To provide an income in excess of the yield of the MSCI Europe ex UK Index, whilst preserving capital.