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Falcon Fund Management Ltd. was incorporated in 1988 and has extensive experience of implementing individual fund solutions. In the administration and custody area, they work together with Hauck&Aufhäuser Fund Services S.A. 

They have a broad range of five umbrella structures featuring high-quality investment funds domiciled in Luxembourg with distribution licenses in several European countries currently managing 15 UCITs funds, including simple products such as funds of funds and equity funds as well as an insurance-linked strategy fund.


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Falcon Fund Management (Luxembourg)

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The objective of the sub-fund's investment policy is to achieve a money market return in the reference currency of the sub-fund and an adequate risk premium by investing in a portfolio of debt instruments linked to insurance events ("insurance-linked securities", "ILS" or "Cat Bonds").

To this end, the sub-fund invests mainly in debt securities and rights (bonds, notes, preference shares) from issuers worldwide. Of these investments, a maximum of 50% may be invested in ILS linked to direct, independent insurance events. In addition, up to 30% may be invested in ILS linked to indirect, independent insurance events.

The sub-fund must invest in at least five independent insurance events. The individual ILS may not exceed 10% of the assets of a sub-fund. In addition, the sub-fund's assets may be invested as follows:

– As indirect investments in ILS in the form of units of open-ended investment funds or other open-ended undertakings for collective investment with a similar function and/or in units of closed-end investment funds, investment companies or other closed-end undertakings for collective investment with a similar function;

– As short-term liquid investments in the form of sight or time deposits (at banks, fiduciary investments) or in the form of money market instruments.

The sub-fund may invest no more than 10% of fund assets in UCITS and UCI. The sub-fund may also hold liquid assets and take out loans of up to 10% of its net asset value on a temporary basis.