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Since it was founded in 1995, FTC, which focuses on research and development, has evolved from a small account manager to a solution partner for institutional investors. They have expanded more in this time than it was ever thought possible. FTC would have never come so far if their investors had not completely trusted the expertise of FTC.


The long-term and reliable appreciation of the entrusted capital is the basis for the business success of FTC. Intermediate volatilities are, depending on the risk class of the respective product, part of the concept.

The appropriate allocation of resources, first-class training of staff and encouragement of individual initiative and self-reliance are the most important activities they carry out to ensure the intended positive performance for the long term. The technical trend-following trading systems are the heart of all FTC products, and are subject to ongoing critical monitoring and development.


Business-wise, FTC is focused on achieving the investment goals of the investors with great effectiveness and efficiency. Honest and detailed consulting regarding opportunities as well as the risks involved with all products is the beginning of any customer relationship. Top quality, best service and unparalleled reliability are the main objectives. The partnership between FTC and its customers is characterized by maximum trust. The quality of existing partnerships and a holistic approach are the basis for future business development.


Customers and prospective customers have the right to open and honest information about all aspects of business activity. Communication is characterized by trust, respectability, competence and continuity.

In market communication, FTC regards transparency as something which gives it the edge over its competitors. FTC informs business partners as well as interested parties in all sincerity about possibilities and the risks of investments and reports continuously about its successes as well as its setbacks. Within the company, FTC maintains open communication and promotes cooperation among its staff.


FTC also understands success as a commitment to assuming responsibility for positive environmental development. The company contributes to public welfare through its benefits and activities. FTC is dedicated to helping people and organizations achieve positive goals.


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FTC Pomeranz & Partner GmbH

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The FTC Futures Fund Classic trades a broadly diversified universe of liquid futures contracts in all sectors (stock indices, fixed income, currencies, commodities). The fund has a core allocation of short, medium and long term trend following systems allocated equally amongst the 4 sectors (equity, commodity, fixed income and currencies). Approximately 70 percent of the fund's exposure is to trend following systems with an additional allocation to a number of non-correlated systems to offer extra diversification. Weighting of systems and markets are rule-based, as are entries, limits, stops and position sizes. The objective is to provide the desirable features of trend following (positive correlation in up trend cycles, negative correlation in down trend cycles) with an emphasis on loss control and providing superior risk adjusted returns.