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East Capital is an independent asset manager specialised in emerging and frontier markets, founded in Sweden in 1997, with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Moscow, Oslo, Stockholm and Tallinn. The company manages public equity funds, real estate funds and separate accounts, for a broad international client base, including leading institutions.

East Capital’s investment strategy is based on in-depth company knowledge gained through proprietary fundamental analysis and frequent company meetings. They carefully consider ESG-related risks and opportunities in the investment process, and favour companies with long-term, sustainable growth prospects and responsible owners.

Since day one, East Capital has set out to be a long-term, active and responsible investor. Over the years, their investment teams have interacted with thousands of companies, management teams, regulators, governments and other investors. The company has consistently worked on developing how it addresses sustainability and ESG to ensure that it is able to offer sustainable investment products to its clients. This has resulted in a unique and proprietary approach that has been diligently carried out by their investment teams for over 20 years.

East Capital’s ultimate goal remains the same: to make better informed investment decisions and enhance the value of our portfolio companies through active ownership while contributing to the advancement of sustainability in its investment universe.

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