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Cazenove Capital is an independent asset management business substantially owned by current and former employees. As a leader in investment and wealth management, they have gained a reputation for investment excellence.

For intermediaries and their clients Cazenove are a specialist investment manager, whilst for their private and charity clients Cazenove are their trusted adviser, ensuring they have access to leading expertise in all aspects of their financial affairs. Cazenove's attitude to managing clients’ wealth is measured and intelligent, with a consistent focus on delivering strong risk-adjusted returns.

They believe that investment is as much about people as it is process so we employ skilled and experienced individuals. They provide them with an empowering and stimulating work environment enhanced by the commitment which comes from key employees being shareholders in the business.

Acting with integrity in all the dealings is integral to both the business and personal values they hold at Cazenove Capital. Their focus is, and will always remain, the continued prosperity and well-being of their clients. This business value has persisted at Cazenove Capital since 1823.


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Cazenove Investment Fund Management Ltd

Cazenove Multi Mang Diversity A Cap






The Cazenove Multi-Manager Diversity Fund’s aim is to achieve long term capital growth in excess of inflation from a portfolio invested across a broad range of asset classes. The Trust is intended to provide consistent rates of return with lower risk than more traditional approaches to portfolio management which tend to be largely dependent on the performance of equities. The investment policy of the Trust is to invest mainly in collective investment schemes but, where it is considered appropriate, investment may also be made in closed ended funds, individual transferable securities, money market instruments and/or derivative and forward transactions.

Cazenove Investment Fund Management Ltd

Cazenove UK Equity Income B Dis






The Fund aims to provide a high level of income together with long term capital growth by investing predominantly in United Kingdom equities. Whilst the Fund will invest primarily in United Kingdom equities it may also invest in fixed interest securities, cash, deposits and money market instruments and in other markets.