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Aviva plc was created following the merger of CGU plc (Commercial General Union) and Norwich Union plc in May 2000 but its roots can be traced back over 300 years.  Norwich Union was founded in 1797, while CGU origins go back to 1696 when 'Hand-in-Hand' (one of the earliest fire insurance companies) was established. This was one of many companies that later became absorbed into CGU.

Over the years the company has grown to become one of the world's leading insurance organisations. The merger of CGU plc and Norwich Union plc in May 2000 created a successor company, Aviva plc (formerly CGNU plc).  Throughout their long history, they have developed their expertise in managing their clients' assets. These skills were further enhanced with the purchase of Geoffrey Morley & Partners, which had built a reputation for providing independent investment management services to pension funds.  The asset management businesses of Morley Fund Management Ltd and Norwich Union Investment Management Ltd were merged in July 2000, and this business subsequently became Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd in September 2008.

Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd, along with other asset management businesses in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe owned by Aviva plc now represent a powerful global capability known as Aviva Investors

Aviva are proud to be a different kind of asset manager.  Their intelligent solutions are based entirely around the clients' objectives, not the company's.  Whether the client is looking for a standard product or something completely bespoke, the client can access world-class expertise.  As part of Aviva, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, they can help corporate and institutional clients anywhere in the world.

Most of their £272.6 (as at 31 March 2012) billion under management is in fixed income, real estate and multi-asset solutions, and a range of other capabilities across all major asset classes.

Aviva offers:

  • A strong focus on managing risk, while exploiting opportunities
  • Good governance in the companies we invest in – to protect the client's reputation and help maximise returns
  • Global resources to offer better solutions
  • Extensive experience of working with Aviva to offer the client enhanced capabilities and bespoke investment options


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Aviva Investors Luxembourg SA

Aviva Investors European Val A Cap






The aim of the Sub-Fund is to achieve capital growth by investing mainly in a portfolio of Euro-denominated equities and equity-related securities, such as ADRs and GDRs, options on equities, equity warrants, participation certificates and profit sharing certificates of continental European companies.  In addition, the Sub-Fund may invest in warrants and convertible securities quoted on a stock market. Equityrelated warrants are not purchased by the Sub-Fund but may be acquired in the context of a corporate action for equity securities held in the portfolio.  At all times at least two-thirds of its total assets (excluding liquidities) will be invested in equities and equity-related securities of companies which have their registered office in or exercise the predominant part of their economic activities in Europe.

Aviva Investors Luxembourg SA

Aviva Investors Absol TAA 20 Dis






The fund’s objective is to achieve a net absolute return in both up and down markets by investing in bonds of worldwide issuers or financial derivative instruments based on global interest rates and currencies. To achieve the investment objective, investments may be made in (but not limited to) bonds issued by governmental, quasi governmental and corporate issuers, in financial derivative instruments such as futures, options, swap contracts, swaptions, forward foreign currency exchange contracts, foreign exchange OTC options and credit default swaps, each of which may be traded through recognised exchanges or via the over-the-counter market. In this context, the Investment Manager may take both, long and covered short positions, through the use of cash settled financial derivative instruments listed in the previous sentence. The long positions will be sufficiently liquid to cover at all times the Sub-Fund's obligations arising from its short positions.

Aviva Investors UK Fund Services Limited

Aviva Investors Prop Trust GBP Cap






The fund’s objective is to obtain optimum returns compatible with security via income and capital appreciation primarily through investment in certain kinds of real property, property related securities, government and other public securities and units in collective investment schemes. In order to achieve its objectives the Scheme will primarily invest in: Approved immovable’s which will, initially, be properties within the United Kingdom but the Manager may, in due course, consider it appropriate to invest in real property in other countries permitted by the Regulations. Transferable securities, with an emphasis on property-related securities. Government and other public securities to the extent permitted by the Regulations; and Units in regulated and unregulated collective investment schemes, each to the extent permitted by the Regulations.