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Alger SICAV -

Fred Alger Management, Inc. is a globally recognized pioneer of growth-style investment management. Since being founded in 1964, it has been an independent company with a singular vision of investing in Positive Dynamic Change. Remaining steadfast to their philosophy and proprietary, bottom-up, fundamental research process, which is believed to be the blueprint for their long-standing success.

They rely on their talented research professionals to execute the investment process with utmost discipline and precision. Thus, aiming to build the best research team possible is supremely important to them. They seek a mix of newcomers, from those who arrive as blank slates to seasoned experts and previous practitioners, each with a passion for investing. By combining internally developed talent with experienced industry or sector experts, their team is designed to be a well-rounded and dynamic research engine. It is their research that has made Alger one of the most influential firms on Wall Street.

For the past 45 years, research has been the cornerstone of their investment process and investment management has been their only business. Going forward, Alger will continue to remain true to their investment beliefs and aim for superior long-term investment results for their clients.

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